Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Seven New Resident Physicians Join Adventist Health Ukiah Valley’s Family Medical Residency Program


The following is a press release issued by Adventist Health:

Adventist Health Ukiah Valley lit up in blue and gold in solidarity with Ukraine [Picture provided by Adventist Health]

Adventist Health Ukiah Valley is pleased to announce seven new resident physicians will be joining its Family Medicine Residency Program in June. This will be the fourth class of residents to continue their medical training at Adventist Health Ukiah Valley. 

“We’re thrilled to welcome these new physicians into our program and into our community,” says Dr. Jodi  Parungao, Director of the Family Medicine Residency Program. “These physicians are joining a robust, rural medicine-focused program that provides valuable healthcare throughout the community.” 

The Family Medicine Residency Program was started by the community, for the community in 2019 and offers new physicians hands-on experience in providing patient care in multiple areas. Over the three-year program, resident physicians complete rotations in family medicine, obstetrics, intensive care, and other specialties such as sports medicine. They also complete additional rotations in pediatrics through a partnership with UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. 

The program also offers a first-in-the-country specialized track for working with homelessness and addiction. This track was designed in collaboration with community partners and aims to train physicians in the aspects of medicine specific to these populations. Most importantly, it will expose a generation of physicians to the unique obstacles to accessing care that our patients often experience. 

Adventist Health Ukiah Valley was informed of its new residents on Friday, March 18 during Match Day, the annual day in which medical school graduates are matched to a residency program through the National Resident  Matching Program (NRMP). 

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The seven new residents starting in June are Dr. Christiana Anyanwu, Dr. Kenyatta Barnes, Dr. Samarth Bhatnagar,  Dr. Arlene Flores, Dr. Michael Jung, Dr. Mili Navani and Dr. William Wei. For more information about the Family Medicine services at Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, please visit:  https://www.adventisthealth.org/ukiah-valley/services/family-medicine

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  1. I have been a patient since the beginning in 2019 I appreciate when the physicians read read my record prior to coming in for an appointment. Most physician as far as I can see have known my medical history. A note on mental health I tried to inquire for a person ready to get help with addiction. Left a voice message inquiring on what Insurance and the new Doctor recently treating and never got a call back!!! This has been a issue for me as well. This is a area that needs attention especially after you call numerous times. P.S this was weeks ago still no call back!!!

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