Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Fort Bragg Mayor Addresses Claims Civic Leaders are Set on Dissolving the Mendocino Coast Hospital Board


The following is an open letter written by Fort Bragg Mayor Bernie Norvell and distributed by the City of Fort Bragg

Like many of you, I follow the Mendocino Coast Health Care District closely for no other reason than the simple fact that it is just that, the place where decisions can be made that may impact our healthcare.

Fort Bragg Mayor Bernie Norvell [Picture provided by the City of Fort Bragg]

At a February 24th Health Care District meeting, Chair Amy McColley appointed Directors Jessica Grinberg and Norman deVall to research the idea of dissolution. I was interested, so I followed up with an email to Director deVall on March 29th. On March 30th, Mr. deVall told me that the District’s exploratory committee had not yet met. At the District Board’s March 31st meeting, I asked Chair McColley to direct their committee to join Councilmember Lindy Peters and myself in an effort to objectively research the idea, put together a possible resolution, formulate a list of answers to the inevitable questions, and compile a corresponding list of pros and cons. Chair McColley agreed and gave that direction.

The mission of this group is to organize all the information surrounding dissolution and present it clearly to the District. The plan is not for this group to follow any sort of preconceived notion or collective opinion on the subject of dissolution. My hope is that the District will accept, and contemplate, the information without bias. The primary mission expressed on the District’s website is: “To ensure the continuity of essential healthcare for the coastal communities.”

Please do not see this as an indictment of the current District Board. See this as a positive move in a forward-thinking direction.

Only together can we make our coastal community a place where we can all feel safe and secure. The City and Health Care District representatives can and will report out on our activity to their respective Council and Board. The community will have ample opportunity, via district-wide meetings, to express their opinions.

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In the meantime, please email any questions you believe pertinent to the subject of dissolution to bnorvell2@fortbragg.com.

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  1. Fort Bragg Mayor Bernie Norvell
    Mean what you say, Say what you mean.
    Well crafted dribble that says nothing
    but implies everything.

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