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Letter to the Editor: To the Board of Supervisors and the Coastal Hospital Board— ‘Go Away and Leave Us Alone’


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This letter is written in all sincerity with the purpose of enlightening my own ignorance. It is written in response to the letter to the editor by John Redding about the dissolution of the Mendocino Coast Health Care District and relinquishment of its authority to an apparently evil Board of Supervisors. Apparently Mr. Redding thinks that I am going to be distressed by the information he provided. Honestly, I have never heard of the Mendocino Coast Health Care District in all my 22 years here. 

Over the last two years, the citizens of Mendocino County have been abused and humiliated by arbitrary and capricious autocrats from all levels of “authority”. These tyrants and little dictators have shut down our businesses; put us out of work; forced us to wear useless masks on our faces; forced us to submit to toxic RNA manipulation “vaccines” that simply do not work (or worse).

I know I from recent events that people who simply ask questions are often castigated and vilified. Yet, I must ask a simple question: “What good is the Mendocino Coast Health Care District? What has it done to resist the oppression of these medical authoritarians? Why is it any better than those creeps on the Board of Supervisors?” As far as I can tell from here in the cheap seats, neither of these two entities are anything more than a bunch of elitist bureaucrats looking for nothing more than to further their own prestige and authority to impose their arbitrary will upon the lowly citizens of this county. In the past few years I have seen no evidence to convince me otherwise. And God knows the horrible reputation that hospital has and how many people would rather be helicoptered down to Santa Rosa rather than be submitted there. What we the people need is for all these “know-it-alls” to go away and leave us alone. We can take care of our own lives, thank you. 

Somebody needs to start talking clearly and simply (and honestly).

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Ronald K Cox, Ukiah

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  1. It is my opinion that you should use not use ‘us’ when you express your opinion. It gives the illusion that are expressing an opinion more than your own. If you want to own your opinion, please try “I”, “me”, and my. And by the way, I disagree with you, not, we all disagree with you.

      • America is only free when you follow. Ask Manning and Snowden. Ask all the people black listed during MaCarthy witch hunt. Ask little children in foster care because their parents could not afford a lawyer. Ask kids in cages at our borders because we overthrew their stable government to keep our corporations rich.

  2. I go to the VA when I can. Local hospitals off poor quality care. Coast Clinic was great years ago when I lived in Ft Bragg. Both Ft Bragg and Ukiah ER are the most poorly run. We need simple urgent care clinics. ER’s are too expensive and too many poor people are forced into it as only alternitive.


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