Friday, August 12, 2022
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Poets and Writers! Help us Capture the Essence of Mendocino County in Our New Section ‘MendoLit’

A red-shouldered hawk in Hopland [Photograph by Matt LaFever]

The ethos of Mendocino County, its grit and beauty and history, is often lost in the stodgy language of newspeak.

To capture the essence of our vast vistas, MendoFever will be featuring a new section we’re calling “MendoLit” that will showcase poetry, short stories, flash fiction, and vignettes that put to words that hard-to-pin-down feeling we call home.

Your voice is needed to document this unique piece of country that defines our lives.

We invite all writers, of all ages, of all genres, to submit their work to us at Please include your name, your piece, preferably an image that relates to your piece, and maybe a description of your creative process.

If you know a talented, yet bashful writer, spam them with this call for submissions and tell them if there is any time in human history we need their art, it is now.

Thank you for helping us get the word out readers. As always, reach out if you know a story that needs telling.

-Matt LaFever, Founder/Editor/Reporter of MendoFever

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Matt LaFever
Matt LaFever
Picking Brains—Baring Bones—Playing it By Ear: I'm a reporter in Mendocino County and the Founder of MendoFever.

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