Monday, June 27, 2022
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Mendocino Sheriff Matt Kendall Endorses 5th District Supervisor Ted Williams for a Second Term

The following is a letter of endorsement written by Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall:

My name is Matt Kendall, I am endorsing Ted Williams for Mendocino County Supervisor.

Over the past two years I have worked with Supervisor Williams on numerous topics and have found him to be extremely hardworking, honest and fair. Supervisor Williams and I are working together to bring more law enforcement to the South Coast. Supervisor Williams has supported me with hiring bonuses and resident deputy incentives which will help to fill these positions. Supervisor Williams has supported the build of the new wing of the Mendocino County Jail. Supervisor Williams understands this build-out will help us to better serve those who are in my custody while creating future opportunities for those housed within the jail.

Supervisor Williams has supported the fire safe councils, fire preparedness and empowerment of our communities through education. All of these are aspects of public safety which are allowing us to better serve our communities. Many hands make for light work and we all have to support each other.

Folks always remember the occasions where Supervisor Williams and I have locked horns, they tend to forget the positive outcomes from this. By now it should be apparent to the public, we both have a backbone. I want to be very clear, Supervisor Williams and I agree on much more than we disagree on. At times, our duties put us into opposing positions. This hasn’t caused animosity from me. To the contrary, the fact he will stand up for what he believes in has earned my respect. If you look back, every time this has occurred we have been able to work together, and find solutions and compromises which serve the entire county.

I believe Supervisor Williams and I will continue to lock horns on subjects from time to time. The public should expect this of us. These issues aren’t personal, however they show we both are willing to stand for what we believe in. I am confident we will continue to work together to find solutions that serve all and you should expect this from a leader.

Matt Kendall



  1. Despite their contentious past, Sheriff Kendall has endorsed Ted Williams for re-election. It shows that people can put aside differences in the pursuit of common goals. My goals, to which I now commit, are to develop strategies, plans, and actions that will result in economic development; and to fight for accountability in government. These are two things upon which most everyone can agree. My request of the voters is to put aside, like Kendall and Williams have done, our differences and vote for someone who will work on our common interests.

  2. The fact that they can still work together and find a compromise after “locking horns” is great. But I would think the Sheriff would have a better outcome with his department with a board who actually supports the LEO’s, instead of constantly butting heads and working against them. Williams lead the politically motivated witch-hunt audit aimed to get the department less funding. I know the Sheriff/coroners office can use all the support and funding that we can give them. I don’t know about you, but I think John Redding is the breath of fresh air, that this County so desperately needs.

  3. I like Matt Kendall but putting blow up doll in Ted Williams seat would be an improvement. Williams encouraged mask mandates, voted to consolidate Treasurer/Tax Collector and Auditor Offices without talking to a 43 year employee, who then wrote a letter to the Board on why this could be detrimental to our County, wants to get rid of public opinion at Board meetings, wants to tell Kendall who he can use as a lawyer. I could go on and on. Do you really support this, Matt?

    • Re Ted Williams, no “proven leadership” as originally advertised by the “splendid splinter”, nor is there any allegiance to the constitution. he is the consummate artful dodger. no spine. he saw fit to shut this county down over a false “plandemic” , he rallied an audit to attack the sheriff’s dept when the BLM event happened in Ukiah.
      what gives Sheriff Mart?? are you a constitutional sheriff??? i have taken it for granted that you are. am i the fool on that assumption?

  4. Ted Williams looks like he was dressed up for a “Speaking in Tongues” Talking Heads Concert.

    Looks like commentators don’t agree with his blame police and society first & just coddle law breakers-they are so misunderstood values.

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