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City of Ukiah Celebrates Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Achievements


The following is a press release issued by the City of Ukiah

A birds-eye-view of the Ukiah Streetscape Project [Photograph from the Streetscape Project Facebook page]

The City of Ukiah Diversity and Equity Committee would like to honor and celebrate the work of City staff and the Diversity, Equity Committee. The Committee, formed in October 2020, was tasked with developing a comprehensive Equity Action Plan for the City of Ukiah and has completed numerous equity-related goals and accomplishments since its formation.

“My goal is to be a conduit for change as we reimagine and reinvent a visible working model of equity, inclusion, and diversity in the Ukiah Valley,” said Committee Member Troyle Tognoli. The Committee consists of eleven members, including representation from the Ukiah City Council and nine different demographic groups within the Ukiah Valley.

Upon formation, the Committee began diligently engaging with underrepresented groups in the community to understand barriers, resources, and opportunities, participated in numerous discussions with City leadership to learn about the agency and local government and educated themselves on relevant diversity, equity, and inclusivity issues and best practices to create a comprehensive strategic Equity Action Plan.

The Ukiah City Council adopted the Equity Action Plan in January 2022. The plan includes actionable goals such as creating and adopting an inclusion statement for the City of Ukiah, improving the accessibility of essential services, increasing diversity on the City’s Boards, Commissions, and Committees and actively engaging underrepresented communities to retain, expand, develop, and implement programs.

An area of crucial importance to the Committee is celebrating the progress towards achieving the goals outlined in the plan. Therefore, the Committee has pledged to issue a quarterly press release to share these accomplishments with the community.

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And–in honor of that pledge–the Committee would like to share the following recent equity-related achievements:

  • Provided input to the 2040 General Plan and various community grants
  • Participated in an interactive equity workshop and training
  • Developed an Equity webpage on the City of Ukiah’s website
  • Instrumental in the development and approval of a resolution to officially designate the second Monday in October each year as Indigenous People’s Day in the City of Ukiah
  • Created a schedule of equity-related Proclamations to convey affirmative, positive, educational messages regarding issues of local significance and impact
  • Instrumental in developing an advocacy platform for the Ukiah City Council that includes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion priorities.
  • Created an Equity Action Plan for the City of Ukiah to further the City’s forward progress as an employer and service provider
  • Created an Inclusion statement  for the City of Ukiah

“Advancing Equity has always been a passion of mine. I believe that, as a public agency and service provider, Equity requires conscious and intentional actions. I hope that Equity will be a noticeable foundational element of our culture one day,” said Traci Boyl, Management Analyst at the City Manager’s Office.

Boyl, the Committee liaison, is committed to advancing Equity goals and objectives in the City to create a culture where every individual and group is welcomed, respected, and provided the opportunity to participate fully. “We are proud of the accomplishments thus far. However, we are also acutely aware that equity work requires ongoing intentional actions,” said Boyl.  For more information about the Committee, Equity Action Plan, and our accomplishments, visit www.cityofukiah.com/equity or contact Traci Boyl at 707-467-5720 or tboyl@cityofukiah.com.

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  1. A bunch of Liberal bullshite that doesn’t actually do anything to help the disadvantaged or downtrodde. Pat yourselves on the back, folks. You managed to fit every single feel-good buzzword into your meaningless proclamation!! 😀

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