Saturday, September 24, 2022
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California School Employees Association Endorses Nicole Glentzer for Mendocino County Superintendent of Schools

The following is a press release from the California School Employees Association:

Assistant Superintendent and candidate for Mendocino County Office of Education’s Superintendent Nicole Glentzer Wins ACSA’s Ray Curry Human Resources Award [Picture provided by the Ukiah Unified School District]

California School Employees Association is proud to announce the endorsement of Nicole  Glentzer for Mendocino County Superintendent of Schools. After careful review of the two candidates’ professional histories and qualifications, Ms. Glentzer’s endorsement was supported by all 8 Mendocino County chapters of CSEA.  

Lisa Rantala, CSEA Chapter 194 President, explained that before a decision was made  Mendocino County chapter leaders interviewed both candidates for the office. “After discussing the reputations of each candidate and getting to know them better through our endorsement interview, it was clear that Nicole is the right person to lead Mendocino County Office of  Education,” said Rantala. “Nicole has a history of working collaboratively with school employees and serving children in Mendocino County. Her integrity and experience make her the clear choice for County Superintendent of Schools.” 

The more than 500 school employees represented by CSEA join the more than one hundred teachers, principals, administrators, school staff, and Mendocino County Office of Education employees who have already endorsed Nicole Glentzer for Superintendent of Schools.  

“There’s a reason Nicole is the educator’s choice for Mendocino County Superintendent of  Schools,” said Maggie Butler the Potter Valley Education Support Professionals, the only chapter of the California Teachers Association to endorse a candidate in this race. “We need a Superintendent who respects teachers, administrators, and staff – who make our schools work better and takes the time to foster success for our kids. Anyone who has worked with Nicole understands that she is the right choice for our schools” 

Fort Bragg CSEA Chapter President Martha Lopez also voiced strong support for Ms. Glentzer’s candidacy saying “She’s the right leader to provide the support our schools need. She understands the incredible dedication our educators have shown to keep our schools running.  She respects our efforts and will hear our voices.”  

Glentzer has stated several times along the campaign trail that schools are continually faced with complex problems that can best be solved by working collaboratively with the principals,  teachers, administrators, and staff who keep our schools running. “School employees who work most directly with students, from driving the bus, preparing the food, or teaching in a classroom have a perspective that needs to be heard,” said Glentzer. “Schools are facing new challenges:  staffing shortage and recovery from COVID. As County Superintendent I will ensure that  students, staff, community members, and families are heard as we do the work of improving our  schools.”  

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