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Letter Writer Asks How Adventist Health Could Let the Medical Establishment ‘Control Us Like Cattle’

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Ukiah residents waiting for their chance at the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine before it spoils [Picture provided by Linda Givens, Adventist Health’s Patient Care Executive and Ukiah Valley Medical Public Information Officer Cici Winiger]

This letter is in response to the press release written by William Miller, MD – Chief of Staff at Adventist Health – Mendocino Coast Hospital published in Mendofever news on April 24, 2022.

Dr. Miller,

I’m sure you are duly proud of the new computer program that allows you to herd your customers around more efficiently, but you are avoiding a greater issue of which I hope you are ashamed. 

That issue is the fact that we the People have been treated like dogs by the medical establishment in this county, state, and nation, during the siege of the COVID-19 “pandemic”. The medical establishment, of which you are a part, has become a de facto enforcement agency for erroneous and deceitful public policy, decreed by arrogant and hypocritical autocrats and authoritarians from all levels of bureaucracy. The dissembling, incompetence, and hypocrisy of those in charge have been stultifyingly apparent over the past few years of this “epidemic”.

I am not an “antivaxer”. I got my Moderna vaccine early in 2021 when I foolishly believed in the sincerity of those promoting it. I would not do it again as I have now, repeatedly seen the dishonesty, hypocrisy, and incompetence of the CDC, NIH, and the pharmaceutical industrial complex. And you, Dr. Miller, are an integral part of that system. 

Having a nice new computer system is all well and good, but that is not what is in question during these distressing times. What is in question is your integrity, sense of ethics, and your competence. I must ask “What have you and your hospital done to protect the People from your fellow medical authoritarians who want nothing more than to intrude into every aspect of our lives and control us like cattle?”.

I am certain you will respond by saying that you are only following legal requirements handed down to you by others, but that is only a cheap, insolent excuse. If you truly believe that an injustice has been promulgated on the People, then you, of all people have been endowed with the authority and standing to speak out and resist it. If, on the other hand, you believe in the abominations that have been inflicted upon our society by your profession, then just simply forget this letter and carry on. The damage has been done. Congratulations. 

Sincerely, Ronald K Cox. 



  1. This is happening too often and is irresponsible
    and illegal. There needs to be justice for those affected by staff in power over our health care.

  2. IBM helped the Nazi’s identify Jews and herd them into boxcars.
    The number tattoo was the IBM punchcard
    IBM collected damages for loss during bombing raids after WW2

  3. Please stop whining. After nearly a million deaths this stuff sounds so childish. Public health gets damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
    Try living in Shanghai.

    • A million deaths? Not by a long shot. In fact they listed two gunshot deaths in Colorado as Covid. Corruption at the highest level in a custom made illness targeting seniors. Eugenics by proxy

  4. Public health might as well not exist, we would be much better off I will never forget what they did to us. To the people who wanted to just stay out of the whole thing. Masking is completely disgusting and that cookie cutter approach was very screwed up.

    Public health is the enemy not the Rona. Adventist health went along with it all too. I am deeply disgusted.

  5. Hows all the masking and Uncle Joe Biden’s touted vaccine doing?

    Let’s see:

    As Mendocino County residents get ready for their 4th of July weekend, the Center for Disease Control has recommended that residents return to masking indoors because the community level of COVID-19 is considered “high”.

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