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Two Point Arena Teens Missing After Running Away from School — Last Seen in Santa Rosa Entering Unknown Woman’s Car

Two Point Arena teens took off yesterday morning from their elementary school, hopped aboard a Mendocino County Transit Authority bus, rode it over eighty miles to Santa Rosa, and are now missing after being seen getting into an unknown woman’s vehicle. 

Lizzie Poe, the aunt of 13-year-old Mariah Kinsman, told us both her niece and her 13-year-old boyfriend named Legend Finds the Feather have been reported missing to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

Poe told us the teenage pair got to Point Arena Elementary School around 7:30 yesterday morning and were spotted running away from the school. They proceeded to a nearby bus stop and struck south.

Poe told us her family had reached out to security personnel at Santa Rosa’s Coddingtown mall who claimed to have seen the pair, attempted to call them over to question them resulting in the pair getting “scared” and running away. 

As the security guard watched the pair flee, Poe told us the teens were seen arguing and then entering a white SUV driven by a white, older woman. When asked if the family has any knowledge of who this woman could be, Poe told us no one in her family knows anyone that matches that description in the Santa Rosa area.

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Poe told us Finds the Feather has family in Fresno so some suspect they are heading there. 

Poe told us her niece has “never done anything like this. She’s a straight-A student. She plays instruments and volleyball.” Poe said, “We love her and we just want them to come back safely.”

We have reached out to Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office for a comment about their investigation into the circumstances but have yet to hear back at the time of publication. We will update the article when we get more information.

Mariah Kinsman is 13 years old, 5′ 4″, and 125 pounds. Her hair is brown. She has “fair skin,” and is a member of the Pomo tribe. Kinsman was last seen wearing blue jeans, a red Adidas jacket with white strips, and white Air Force Nike Shoes.

Legend Finds the Feather is 13-years-old, 5’2″, and 110 pounds. He has blonde, shoulder-length hair, and blue eyes.

If you know the whereabouts of Mariah Kinsman or Legend Finds the Feather contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 463-4086. You can also call their Tip-Line (707-234-2100) and the WeTip anonymous crime reporting hotline (800-782-7463).

The following is a press release issued by the Santa Rosa Police Department:

On 4/28/22, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office received a report of two run away juveniles from the area of Point Arena. The juveniles, 13-year-old boy Legend Findsthefeather and 13-year-old girl Maria Kinsman, appeared to have taken a bus to the area of the Coddingtown Mall.  They were last seen at the mall at approximately 3:30 PM. 
There was conflicting information regarding a white SUV somehow being involved with the two children. 
There are no known family members in the area.  Both juveniles have been entered into the missing person’s system and a county wide “be on the lookout” was issued.   
If you have any information related to either of the two juveniles please contact the Santa Rosa Police Department Dispatch Center at (707)528-5222.

UPDATE 5/3/2022: This pair of teenagers has been located and reunited with their families. Read more about it in our article below:

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  1. I’m legends mother. We have audio recording of the security guard saying he saw them enter the white suv. And when authorities contacted him, he changed his story and said they walked away. Now, Santa rosa police will not issue an amber alert.

  2. I would hope that the parents are getting legal help to search all the relevant sites where they may have been online. This sounds like someone outside may have been communicating with them. As a teacher this is always a fear that young children who are in that silent time of growing up when they do not want to talk to Mom and Dad seem to think they know everything and can find them selves very much in trouble. Prayers for sure.

    • Baskin Robin employees confirm the audio recording of the security guard saying that they saw both kids, heard legend say that’s not my mom, and the lady refused to speak with security and did indeed get taken in her vehicle. A white suv. Which the employee states was parked next to her own car. Now if the police will actually do their job and look their camera footage to find a license plate number, we are stuck. everyone reach out to them that they do their job. Because currently, the families are doing the police work. We are asking for footage and getting Statements. Where is the police????????

  3. 🐝💕God,in the name of Jesus! Bring these children home safe and unharmed today….PLEASE. Help their families and parents especially to stay calm and hopeful and to trust in You God to bring them home. You know exactly where they are. Thank you Lord God in Jesus name amen 🙏😢

  4. ************ UPDATE************* Baskin Robin’s released the pictures of the kids that got into the car. They were not our kids! Please keep an eye out!!! Friends think they are headed to San Francisco!!!

  5. This is why butt whooping need to be brought back. Kid runs away knowing nothing is going to be done to punish them. Hopefully life hasn’t done so.

    • We have emails exchanged from them that were found today. They are not ‘running away’.. the emails revealed he made a promise to her he wouldn’t move, and when he had to, suggested they go travel state to state for a month to be able to see things together and make memories. (We were in the process of moving and changing schools)
      our kids are disciplined. And very well mannered. Far from punished by life.
      Please refrain from being a troll if you have no positive input.

      • I am praying for both children to be returned safely. Now that more than 48 hours have passed can the FBI get involved? I know they normally do when miners go missing. It sounds like they got on a bus again at the Santa Rosa terminal. If so there is a record of the tickets and lots of cameras involved.

    • Butt whooping will not do a single thing besides making the children feel like they need to run away again.

  6. She probably ran away for a reason, Poor little angel. This situation doesn’t sound right, she ran away from a home that she felt she couldn’t be in, that’s why she obviously left. I believe Legend also went with her to make sure she is safe and okay but he is also risking his own safety. Poor children, This is a serious situation. I hope they are found safely and find what made them ran away. As a teacher and Mother, this breaks my heart for Mariah Kinsman and Legend Finds the Feather. Lots of Love and Prayer.

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