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Point Arena Teenage Runaways Still Missing — Could Be in San Francisco or Heading to Fresno

Nearly 48 hours have gone by since two teenagers from the Mendocino County coastal town of Point Arena ditched school, rode a bus to Santa Rosa over 80 miles away, and after departing the bus at a mall their trail has gone cold. Their parents are scared and the community waits with bated breath hoping for some sign of the pair

Mariah Kinsman and Legend Finds the Feather, both 13-years-old and 8th graders at Point Arena Elementary School, took off from school around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 28, 2022. Authorities have determined they caught the Mendocino County Transit Authority bus southbound to Santa Rosa. They departed the bus at the Coddingtown Mall.

Jeanette Finds the Feather, Legend’s mother, told us they had determined that the children seen getting into the white SUV, as originally thought, were not Mariah and Legend.

She told us they were able to obtain surveillance footage of the pair getting “on and off the bus in Santa Rosa” and a woman working for the transit company recalled the teens asking about train tickets. 

This information has led Jeanette and her husband to focus on the S.M.A.R.T train system Amtrak train out of Santa Rosa, which after a short ferry ride, could get the pair to San Francisco. 

Legend and Mariah had been talking about going to San Francisco, Jeanette learned, “so that is where we spent the rest of their day looking.”

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Legend’s parents have reached out to hostels in San Francisco without any luck thus far. 

Santa Rosa Police Department’s Sergeant Ryan Cogbill said officers are investigating the area of the Coddingtown Mall looking for surveillance footage or witnesses that could give insight into where the pair went after departing the bus.

In a press release, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office said investigations had determined the pair were trying to purchase bus tickets for Fresno.

Legend Finds the Feather reportedly has family in the Fresno area, Lizzie Poe told us, Mariah’s aunt.

This behavior is out of the norm for Mariah Kinsman, Poe told us. “She has never done anything like this,” Poe said. “She’s a straight-A student. She plays instruments and volleyball…We love her and we just want them to come back safely.”

Jeanette Finds the Feather, Legend’s mom said, “I want my baby back. I just want him to know I love him.”

Surveillance footage of the Mariah Kinsman and Legend Finds the Feather on their bus travels after running away [Picture from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office]

An image of the teenagers boarding a bus was released by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office providing the public with the clearest sense of what the teens are dressed in now. The image shows Mariah Kinsman wearing blue skinny jeans, a red Adidas jacket, and a red bucket hat. Legend Finds the Feather appears to be wearing an olive green, a hoodie-style sweatshirt, and black, high-top Vans.

Mariah Kinsman is 13 years old, 5′ 4″, and 125 pounds. Her hair is brown. She has “fair skin,” and is a member of the Pomo tribe. 

Legend Finds the Feather is 13-years-old, 5’2″, and 110 pounds. He has blonde, shoulder-length hair, and blue eyes.

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If any member of the public has information, please contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office at 707-463-4086 or your local law enforcement agency if you are outside of Mendocino County.

UPDATE 5/3/2022: This pair of teenagers has been located and reunited with their families. Read more about it in our article below:

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  1. It wasn’t the amtrak train, it was the smart train, that runs through santa rosa to larkspur. Needs no id unlike amtrak which is required. The police haven’t been in contact with the Finds The Feather family, and the news of them trying to get bus tickets to fresno is news to me!
    They are 7th graders, they just turned 13. These are kids.
    And the kids at coddingtown were not ours, it has been confirmed they were LAST SEEN AT 2ND ST. TRANSIT MALL IN DOWNTOWN SANTA ROSA. Which is just a few minute walk to the smart train stop.
    Legends eyes are blue green.
    If ANYONE- INCLUDING PRESS, has information I don’t, please tell me!!

      • He knows Fresno. But I personally don’t think he’s headed there. That is the assumption of law enforcement.

    • @ Jeanette Finds the Feather – Don’t mind the writer of this article. He is terrible, zero research ever. grammatical errors are commonplace for him too. How he keeps is job is beyond us.

      • Lighten up, Anne. “We” are glad for the info, as is, I am sure, the family of these kids. Great service, and thank you, Matt!

      • I am sorry Sarah. The family was not glad for the misinformation that the writer posted. It was not till after it was pointed out that he made the corrections. This is not new as the writer rarely does proper research and gathering background information.

      • I don’t mind the writer of this article. He has stayed up, writing and helping me put the word out my son was missing. I appreciate the efforts. So many people have seen my post, to move on and not say a word. One picture was seen by 730 people and shared by 100. That’s the classic, doesn’t affect me, moving on. Thanks for making people aware

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