Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Mendocino County Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren Warns the Public of a Recent Uptick in COVID-19 Cases


The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health:

In the past two weeks, Mendocino County COVID cases have more than doubled. This count is based on positive cases identified by highly sensitive PCR tests and rapid Antigen tests. Schools, which are returning from proms and sports competitions, are reporting increased positivity. These results mean that the county is now a HIGH CDC TRANSMISSION RISK area. 

ORDERS and RECOMMENDATIONS have changed substantially due to the rapid decline of cases in March. Rollbacks of orders relaxing some masking, distancing, and proof of testing and vaccinations has led to understandable confusion about what is current. 

We can all limit contagion with a few simple steps: 

  • Continue MASKING INDOORS in public places. Masks are still required for EVERYONE in some settings, including public transit and long-term care facilities. 
  • Keep GATHERINGS small (less than 25), outdoors if possible, especially if food is served.
  • TEST using PCR or Rapid Antigen Test before travel, gatherings or visits. Tests are available over the counter, through your provider, or at County test sites.  
  • STAY HOME if you test is positive, or if have symptoms. If you might have COVID, call your  medical provider quickly for a very effective antiviral PRESCRIPTION. 
  • Follow the Guidance regarding isolation to prevent further infection. 

We are now at the beginning of a new wave of COVID. While it is difficult to predict if our hospitals will be overwhelmed, severe infections are still possible, especially for the elderly, those with immune compromise or chronic disease, and those who are not vaccinated. The new wave of variants (BA 2.12.1)  is almost twice as contagious as the original COVID infection, and new variants from overseas may cause more severe disease. 

Recently completed vaccine research shows efficacy is waning but is still most effective in preventing severe disease. Those who have had COVID have some immunity, but not as strong or long-lasting as immunity from vaccines, and should get vaccinated. Boosters are still strongly recommended for those who have been vaccinated. 

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To review current California requirements for masking, please visit the California Department of  Public Health website. For local questions about where to find a vaccine or testing, please call 

Mendocino County Public Health at 707-472-2759 or visit the Public Health website at:  www.mendocinocounty.org/covid19 

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  1. Lock down and arrest for violations. Family and friends are a danger stay away from them. Your job is unimportant and food and shelter are for the weak and spoiled. Lockdown Society Now Please. Penniless and unemployed are the right thing for the public.

  2. There are numerous large scale peer reviewed studies that prove natural immunity is superior than vaccinations alone. Weird how Dr. COVID out right.lies when he says natural immunity isn’t as good as the jab. Really? For the first time in medical history a vaccine is better than natural immunity. You sir are a liar. Iknow it and so does a lot of other folks.

    • Yeah, I was surprised to read that statement. This is contrary to the actual science and long standing knowledge about natural immunity. These public health gene-therapy pushers are flailing. They have pushed the toxin into our veins through lies, misinformation, and coercion. Their narrative has unraveled. We are in the midst of an unprecedented vaxx medical catastrophe. Rather than dismount from the fraud and face the music, they come again crying wolf. In the shadow is their monkeypox creation. Mainstream media and big tech platforms run cover for these criminals. Now they are shooting up the children. “Long haul Covid” actually is long haul vaxx. And the hospitals are seeing all manner of immune system collapse. The latest phenomenon is SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) about which the “experts” say they are baffled. Yeah sure…..

  3. “In the past two weeks, Mendocino County COVID cases have more than doubled.” One would think that Dr. Covid would cite some numbers in order that “doubled” is not to be construed as an alarmist statement. How many infected? Deaths? Hospitalizations? A public health officer is required to cite these statistics to keep a county properly informed.

  4. I didn’t think we’d hear much from this idiot and his ilk until we got closer to next flu season, guess I was wrong. This hysterical “warning” is full of contradictory statements and false information. Even cdc quietly admitted the pcr tests are bullshit. One doesn’t need an m.d. to see that the experimental mRNA treatments don’t work as advertised. Didn’t work on the “original strain” nor any of the “new variants”…..so why are they still pushing a treatment that is obsolete by their own tacit admission? It is funny how often I hear people say “I just had covid and it kicked my ass, but thank god I’m vaccinated or else I’d be dead or in hospital!” The layers of stupidity really are amazing. Maybe coren can explain this: of the people in my social sphere those who got “the vaccine” get sick more often and with worse symptoms than those who refused the shot. Cold/flu/covid, whatever you want to call it, “vaxxies” seem to get it worse. When pressed, most will admit they were coerced into the experimental mRNA treatment for reasons completely unrelated to their health.

    • Yep I refused the shot and have been fine and I work retail and come into contact with thousands of people. Those around me that got the jab got the Rona and were really sick.

      This Coren dude is one sick s.o.b. to say the things he does. I can’t stand him.

  5. Corens leadership is completely disgusting and he is the worst public official I have ever seen in my life. Why in this community do we get the worst of the worst?

  6. Completely unvaccinated and proud. Best decision I ever made. Take this toxic sludge and shove it. You will never get a needle into me! You are a complete disgrace!

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