Sunday, January 29, 2023

Fort Bragg and Surrounding Areas Experiencing AT&T Internet and Cellphone Service Disruptions

The following was published on the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page:


AT&T is experiencing a network issue, originating at their Fort Bragg Central Office. This is affecting Landlines ONLY in the area (which may impact Internet Services using DSL) and not Cellular. AT&T is actively working to correct the service interruption. Currently, they do not have an estimated time of restoration.



  1. It is not only landlines that are affected. Cell phones are also down, and all internet is down in the Fort Bragg area. (except satellite connectivity)

  2. Went to Safeway today and everything is down. Couldn’t pick up a prescription and you couldn’t buy groceries with anything but cash or check and the Well’s Fargo branch inside was down also.

  3. Headed north of Willits right after you loose service through the trees you won’t get service back. All out on 162 no service

  4. The estimated time to repair on my service repair ticket for my business is 2 weeks May 24, 2022…. lost daily revenues for during high season booking for hospitality business reservation desk are 2 thousand dollars per day plus impacts upon future business and lost advertising and other business. Two weeks is an extreme hardship…. can we have our calls forwarded to our cell phones which are working now?

  5. Cell phones, land lines,
    internet, cable- Emergency 911 and not just AT&T services were affected.

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