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Letter to the Editor: Ukiah Resident Concerned About Development in Ukiah’s Western Hills

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The Western Hills of the Ukiah Valley [Picture by Matt LaFever]

To the Editor:

Once again, the City of Ukiah has transferred land to a developer and approved building construction in the Western Hills, the highest fire severity zone in the city and county. In addition to the fire danger, there is the potential disruption of breeding areas for ground nesting birds and other wildlife as new roads and buildings fragment wildlife habitat.

David Hull, the developer who initiated the large Western Hills project last year, which ultimately was voted down, now owns the land on the north ridge top of Doolan Canyon Road. His property extends to the south-facing slope, which connects to an easement that adjoins San Jacinta Drive.

Mr. Hull is planning to build at least one home on the ridge top. For access to the home(s), he is planning to pave from the easement to the ridge top. Access then will be via San Jacinta Drive, not Doolan Canyon Road.

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I wonder what motivates the City to allow construction in the highest fire severity zone in the city and county, and allow yet more disruption of wildlife habitat?


Nancy Walker

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  1. Nancy, I’m sorry to break it to you but one home & a driveway is not going to make or break the situation. People have to be allowed to build a home on land they own under all but the rarest circumstances. Get over it & please stop being such a major
    C U Next Tuesday!

    • Wow, just wow. Pulling out “Karen” and “CU next Tuesday”.
      Class act you are “The Doctor”.

      Maybe you need to get your meds reevaluated?

    • Because knowing Mr. Dave Hull-Mr. Bullshitter himself..first it’s just one house…next will be a new subdivision-He had illegal grading done and took out half a mountain without permits. And yes, he absolutely did-right off Redwood Ave. He will now expand and bullshit his way by kissing ass and donating more land..

  2. Nancy Walker,
    I’ve been wondering the same thing!
    What does the Fire Marshall say about this?
    What does CalFire say about it?

  3. Our heavily forested hills are populated all the way to the coast. There was a time when it seemed like a good idea, but that time has passed. Fire crews can only do so much. Caveat emptor.


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