Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Ukiah Unified Superintendent Deb Kubin Endorses Nicole Glentzer for Superintendent of Mendocino County Office of Education


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To the Editor: 

I am a third generation Mendocino County resident and have had the honor and privilege to serve as an educator for the last thirty years. In that time, I’ve worked with many dedicated and passionate educators. Nicole Glentzer is at the top of my list! 

I’ve worked alongside Nicole for the past 11 years when she served as Superintendent for Potter Valley and now provides leadership at Ukiah Unified. Her work ethic, moral compass, and love for kids, staff, and families is an inspiration! 

Nicole is the definition of a ‘service leader’. One can often find her substituting in the classroom, serving as crossing guard, helping with food distribution, or providing supervision on our campuses. Nicole leads by example, but she also leads with vision. During the pandemic she was INSTRUMENTAL in advocating to get our kids safely back to school in person. 

We live in a divided world. Now, more than ever, Mendocino County schools need a leader who is capable of bringing us together to help solve tough issues. Nicole Glentzer is that leader. She has a proven track record of working collaboratively through the most difficult problems. 

Nicole has been a statewide leader in the area of Human Resources and I can think of no one better suited to represent the children of Mendocino County. Her ability to develop strong relationships with those she serves and make decisions to benefit our children will help our Mendocino County students! 

I’m proud to join the Superintendents of Fort Bragg, Mendocino, and Laytonville, educators and administrators from across the county, and the employees of Ukiah Teachers Association, Potter Valley Education Support Professionals, Mendocino County CSEA, and Mendocino County Federation of School Employees to endorse Nicole for Mendocino County Superintendent of Schools.

-Deb Kubin


  1. as a voter i have some question for both candidates.

    1) what is your position on CRT and its role in the classroom?

    2) what is your position on shot and mask mandates for school kids?

    3) what is your position of so-called gender affirmation and its role in the schools?

    4) what is your position on indoctrination and promotion of kids in questioning their gender?

    5) what is your position of a moment of silence allowing for prayer and the pledge of allegiance in the classroom?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration of these matters.

    • What about things like curriculum, educational outcomes, district performance, and management record?

      Quality education for our children is what matters most – not spinning our wheels on divisive social issues.

  2. What degree does she have and from which college?

    What is her position on 1619 curriculum which holds we live in a racist country. Will she allow this dribble into the classroom?

    What is her position on ethnic studies which takes priority over math, reading, and civics competencies?

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