Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Mendocino County Office of Education Board Member Endorses Michelle Hutchins for Superintendent

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Michelle Hutchins [Photograph from her campaign Facebook page]

I am writing a letter of endorsement for Superintendent Michelle Hutchins. I met our  Superintendent in 2019, and have had the sincere pleasure of working side by side with her as past president and current board member.  

 I would like to address Superintendent Hutchins response to the pandemic. Nobody could have predicted the impact and toll it would take on our students and staff. I  vividly recall our last in-person board meeting at our Juvenile Hall school in 2020.  Superintendent Hutchins was called away a few times with urgent phone calls,  respectful to not disturb the flow of our meeting. Little did I know she was getting instructions to close down facilities, a huge feat never accomplished by any  Superintendent preceding her. After our adjournment we stood outside in a tight circle to say our goodbyes, and the first words out of her mouth were, “We need to stand six feet apart “, and the rest is history. 

From that moment on, Superintendent Hutchins worked tirelessly to establish connections with our public health office. When the widely respected Dr. Coren took over we had a clear and consistent flow of information. Once that communication was established, Superintendent Hutchins was in constant contact with public health and shared her knowledge via emails, web conferences and public radio. Her collaborative effort provided our community with the pertinent information we needed as it became available, providing stability during the pandemic. The pandemic was a true test of our public leaders, and our Superintendent pulled through with grace, compassion, strength, and intelligence. I would be honored to serve beside Michelle Hutchins for a  second term.  


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Marilyn Puget 

Mendocino County Board of Education member , Area 1

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  1. This incumbent always shows up to meetings and has a good rep of listening to what the issues are and then does her part to address that issue(s). Never have I seen her be judgemental or go to a fast decision. Whereas, the running I have seen very judgement on issues and it only becomes a 1 way street with her. If its not her belief…..it no work from her to listen and deal with issue(s) for the people that brought the concern….In my view….Politics is brutal and a open mind is a must when I choose to vote these days…

  2. as a voter i have some questions for both candidates.

    1) what is your position on CRT and its role in the classroom?

    2) what is your position on shot and mask mandates for school kids?

    3) what is your position of so-called gender affirmation and its role in the schools?

    4) what is your position on indoctrination and promotion of kids in questioning their gender?

    5) what is your position of a moment of silence allowing for prayer and the pledge of allegiance in the classroom?

    6) what is your position on project 1619 and its role in the classroom?

    7) “Last year, the California Department of Education released the first draft of a new curriculum framework for K-12 mathematics, which guides classroom teaching. ” …which introduces the woke math concept to the classrooms . what is your position on this?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration of these matters.

    • The above questions appear to be from a list, possibly circulated amongst the t-Rumpers and associated white supremacist radical christian fundamentalists.

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