Monday, December 5, 2022

Mendocino County Office of Education’s Employee Union Endorses Nicole Glentzer for Superintendent

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Dear Editor,

On May 11th, the Mendocino County Office of Education labor union (Mendocino County Federation of School Employees Local #4345) endorsed the campaign of Nicole Glentzer in her campaign to become the next Mendocino County Superintendent of Schools. (You can see their formal endorsement at this web address:

The courage these employees have to come together to support Nicole Glentzer is amazing! Our Mendocino County Office of Education employees are hard-working champions for students who have now publicly endorsed Nicole Glentzer. They are in the trenches every day working for our school districts. Trust their judgment! Vote Nicole Glentzer for the next Mendocino County Superintendent of Schools!!

Becky Walker



  1. as a voter i have some questions for both candidates.

    1) what is your position on CRT and its role in the classroom?

    2) what is your position on shot and mask mandates for school kids?

    3) what is your position of so-called gender affirmation and its role in the schools?

    4) what is your position on indoctrination and promotion of kids in questioning their gender?

    5) what is your position of a moment of silence allowing for prayer and the pledge of allegiance in the classroom?

    6) what is your position on project 1619 and its role in the classroom?

    7) “Last year, the California Department of Education released the first draft of a new curriculum framework for K-12 mathematics, which guides classroom teaching. ” …which introduces the woke math concept to the classrooms . what is your position on this?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration of these matters.

    • @Floyd; Great questions! I too would like to know.

      Start homeschool CoOps if you don’t like the answers! Get involved and know what the kids are being taught. Ask. It’s your right and responsibility to know.

      Don’t be lazy. Our kids deserve better than that.

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