Wednesday, May 31, 2023

‘The White Supremacist Terrorist Massacre’ in New York Underscores Importance of Fort Bragg’s Name Change, Says Letter Writer

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Braxton Bragg [Portrait from the United States Library of Congress]


After the White supremacist terrorist massacre in Buffalo, New York on May 14, 2022, isn’t it finally time for the city of Fort Bragg, California to change its name?

No more lame and laughable excuses, Fort Bragg!  Allowing this town in Mendocino County to continue to be named after Confederate General Braxton Bragg is evil, not to mention extremely divisive, blatantly racist, and unnecessarily provocative.  And… California was never part of the Confederacy!

Fort Bragg’s city council members have the power to ditch the name Fort Bragg by a simple majority vote, but the current council members have inexplicably chosen not to do so.

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Give them a call at (707) 961-2823.

Jake Pickering 
Arcata, CA, USA  

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  1. PS. Jake from Arcata does not give a damn about our fellow citizens killed in Buffalo. His intentions are clear. Use this tragedy for his selfish, idelogical self. First they control the words, then they control you.



  3. A name is not a violent act and a crucifix will not stop vampires. Our focus on symbols will never bring about peaceful coexistance.

  4. dear jake from Arcata.
    here is a noble cause you can get involved with.
    go down to the Mexican border and volunteer handing out all that misallocated baby formula.

  5. Why in the world would anyone actually take the time to post this garbage article???? Must be a slow news day.

  6. Of course, Confederate memorials (statues, place names, city names ) support white racism and help nurture the violent acts of white supremacists like the massacre at Buffalo. It is time to change the name of Fort Bragg which honors both a fort which dispossessed the indigenous population and a general in the Confederate army. To get involved visit: http://www.changeournamefortbragg.com

  7. The vast majority of the violence we have all witnessed in the last 2+ years has come from the left side of the political spectrum, Antifa, BLM. Please refrain from blindly repeating main stream propaganda narratives that have no basis in reality.

      • The “Journal of Democracy” is a left-wing propaganda group. Look at what groups fund and support this publication. It’s obvious if you do a little investigation. I trust what I can see with my own eyes. How many billions in damage did the BLM riots cause again? Please respond with some real examples to back up your claims, just posting a link and saying “see, here, look” takes zero effort and requires no original thought. Your just reposting someone else’s ideas. “But there’s graphs and charts”!!!!! Look into the concept of “projection”. Accusing your adversaries of doing exactly what you are doing. It’s happening, makes things really confusing. We are in an information war. BTW its ridiculous to talk about Indigenous genocide as you scroll through the comments section on your Iphone made with child labor waiting for all your chinese products to arrive from Amazon, while driving your Tesla made with cobalt mined by kids in Africa. See how that works? Out of sight, out of mind. Your just following the rest of the lemmings, just like those that slaughtered the Native Americans.

      • broad sweeping anal PZ.
        in fact, as it turns out this punk who pulled the trigger was in fact on the far left… (i’m guessing your crew). maybe you belong to antifa too?

        this is your so-called “right wing white national supremacist”

        while you are all at it here is a puzzle for ya!!!
        been this way since before the 2020 election go figure.

    • Jose , your making yourself out to be a mouth piece for the alt-right, white supremacy crowd, with your finger pointing. Good luck with that crowd.

      • Everyone that doesn’t agree with the left is demonized, alt-right, or white supremacist. Have you ever wondered if both sides are wrong? So you saying there is a “good” side and a “bad” side? Your with the good guys though, right? Some politicians are good and some are evil? Seems like they all are lying scumbags. I guess I’m the only Latino white-supremacist!!!!! HA. How on earth does anything in my previous post imply anything remotely associated with white-supremacy????? Or even “right” politically?????

  8. My grandfather came to Fort Bragg Ca when he was 2 years old. His family immigrated from Italy. Many of the residents of Fort Bragg immigrated from other countries. Making Fort Bragg their home. My Grandfather, his sisters, his mother and his father all died in Fort Bragg. The name of this wonderful town has NEVER had a racist feel. Keep the name, name it after another “Bragg”. For anyone alive today, the name reflects a memory we all actually have of this great beautiful coastal town. Maybe someone from Arcata should not worry about what is happening in Mendocino county. I have amazing wonderful memories of Fort Bragg and will ALWAYS know this to be the name of this great home to many immigrants. Mr Arcata, focus on McKinnleyville

  9. Some people just have Tooooooo much time on their hands. You would think there are other more important issues that need attention, probably cost a lot less money too

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