Saturday, June 3, 2023

‘There’s a Giant Wiener in the Road’: Fort Bragg Resident Spots the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

The Wienermobile sliding by Fort Bragg’s Feed and Pet yesterday afternoon [Picture from Katie Shellman]

Katie Shellman was working at her family’s business Fort Bragg Feed and Pet yesterday when her co-worker said, “Hey, Katie! There’s a giant wiener in the road.” 

Knowing her co-worker’s jokester ways, she told us she was shocked when she looked up, and there, in all its glory, was the famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile driving down Fort Bragg’s Elm Street, shining in the sunlight of the Mendocino Coast.

Busy with customers, Shellman was only able to get pictures of the great weenie when it drove back towards her work. Shellman was told that the weenie was merely passing through Fort Bragg and actually made a thirty-minute stop at Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach.

Corroborating the Weenie’s presence on the North Coast did not stop there. Confusion Hill, a well-known tourist destination on the Mendocino/Humboldt County Line, was also visited by the wandering weenie. The mighty Wiener amongst the majestic redwoods marked a moment meant to be remembered.

It looks like the Weenie Wagon made it as far north as Humboldt County’s quaint village of Ferndale. Humboldt County resident Troy Shumard posted on his Facebook stunning images of the Weenie Wagon looking plump while parked in front of one of Ferndale’s iconic Victorian storefronts. The juxtaposition between the curvaceous Wiener and the decadent architecture was a sight to behold.

Seeking confirmation these sightings were the authentic weenie, we found Oscar Mayer’s handy-dandy Weenie Tracker. The Wienermobile is scheduled for two events on the West Coast, one in Florence, Oregon on May 21 and Vacaville on May 27. It stands to reason the wagon is now making its way north to spread the joy of weenies to coastal Oregonians. 

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Godspeed, Great Weenie!

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