Saturday, December 3, 2022

Ocean Water Advisory Issued for Fort Bragg’s Pudding Creek Beach

The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health:

Pudding Creek Beach in Fort Bragg [Photograph by Judy Valadao]

The Environmental Health Division of Mendocino County Public Health received bacteriological ocean water quality sampling results for the week of May 16, 2022 that indicate that the ocean  water quality at Pudding Creek Beach in Fort Bragg does not meet State standards. 

Warning signs have been posted at Pudding Creek warning the public to avoid contact with ocean water due to an increased risk to human health. Contact with ocean water should be avoided for 50 yards on either side of the drainage entering the ocean. Pudding Creek is located along Hwy 1 at the north end of Fort Bragg. 

Pudding Creek will remain posted with the warning signs until water quality meets minimum standards specified by the State of California regulations. Environmental Health Division staff  determine this safety standard based on bacteriological findings in their regular water 



  1. The fact that links and information to spread awareness about suicide were posted before links and information that would be helpful to women experiencing domestic violence is incredibly tone deaf. This incident wasn’t a suicide issue, it’s a femicide issue.

    I’ve written about ACEs in Mendocino County myself, and appreciate that real information about how the factors that often lead to suicide are so prevalent here, instead of just a 1-800 number.
    But to post this information instead of resources to help help women escape violent situations, or infographics about the root causes of men beating and killing their female partners and rising rates of femicide (over half of all women murdered in the US are killed by their domestic partners) speaks volumes about the blatant disregard for female life that is so pervasive in this country.

    A man killed a woman, and your first thought wasn’t “how do we help the women?”
    Please do better.

  2. Is this because raw sewage is being dumped into the ocean? What about the ocean life that is being killed because we are disgusting humans? There has got to be another alternative for dumping this!! It’s bad enough we have intruded on the wildlife on land and kill them because they try to live their lives and they end up in our backyards. Can’t we leave the ocean alone?? Seriously, we need to do better…

    • whales do it, seals do it, even little babies skunks do it— doo in the sea ain’t just from you and me.

      • There excrement is beneficial where as ours is toxic. How many wales ingest birth control, chemo, prozac, meth etc.

  3. Since the sample is taken 100 feet from the mouth of the creek it is the ocean that is the problem but no one is reading the signs

  4. This is unimaginable. How could the water in the vast ocean be unfit to have bodily contact?. How long would a pollutant issue be in existence for it to prove that big of a threat? Who is monitoring this and why has nothing been done to prevent it?

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