Thursday, November 30, 2023

Thieves Ransack and Steal from the Mendocino Children’s Fund— Please Donate to Help Them Support Low-Income Youth

The following is a Facebook post from the Mendocino County Children’s Fund:

On Friday, we discovered that our MCCF Family Resource Center storage units were broken into. It’s a devastating experience emotionally and a severe economic loss and has put a big dent in our resources.

I always say don’t get angry, get even. Work harder and love more, but we simply can’t work any harder to help our kids this summer without you.

We try not to ask very often for help but 99 percent of our current funding is dependent on you.

Please contact us directly at www.mccf.info if you can help. MCCF has a Gold rating from Guidestar (Candid) and serves children and families and community from Rockport to Gualala and inland to Comptche. For 30 years we have been saying yes with your help.

If you are able to donate, here is an opportunity to do so. MCCF is the best of all us coming together.

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We are not red or blue, we are you; a community hit hard by economic disparity, and facing an ever-changing pandemic, drought, wildfires, and too few resources.

I have been an advocate for children and families, seniors, underserved community members, and community wellness for 50 years. MCCF will only survive with the community.

Children are suffering right now. If we can agree on one thing, it is that. Childhood cannot be deferred. I am asking you to focus on this, please.

MCCF has hundreds of local children who need help so they can play outside this summer. We lost critical resources for our kids.

We are the only community-funded family resource center serving the North Coast. Additionally we share resources from Rockport to Gualala.

We can only help kids with your help.

Checks can be mailed to

PO Box 1616
Mendocino, CA 95460

You can PayPal us at mccf@mcn.org. You can donate online below. Thank you for trusting us for 30 years. Please share with others.

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  1. I am SO sorry and ANGRY! Annie and so many others have worked SO hard for years to help children on the Coast. I hate what is happening to our country and now even our local communities.

  2. Every time someone donates something they can’t just run out and find a child who needs it. Things are kept in storage and when needed they have items on hand. Now is the perfect time to help out so at the very least items can be purchased. Annie does a great job and if there is a child in need all you have to do is call and she will be there.

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