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With Ten Days Until Elections, Mendocino County’s Registrar of Voters Has Received Over 5,000 Ballots 

Mendocino County’s Ballot Box at the County’s Administration Building [Picture by Matt LaFever]

California’s primary elections are officially ten days away. On June 7, 2022, Mendocino County residents will weigh in on their government representatives both locally and statewide. Mendocino County’s Registrar of Voters Katrina Bartolomieconfirmed that ballots are arriving at her office and provided a few tips for voters as Election Day approaches.

​As of yesterday morning, Bartolomie told us her office has received 5,264 ballots from county residents. ​However, only 5,075 are authenticated at this point because of issues like forgetting to sign the envelope before sealing. She assured that her staff will be reaching out to any voter via mail to inform them of the issues like these with time to address the problem and have their votes counted.

Despite claims floating about the local social media space, Mendocino County residents cannot alter their ballot once it has been mailed or dropped off with the Registrar of Voters. Once they are turned in, Bartolomie said they are considered to be processing and must remain in the possession of the registrar.

For any Mendocino County residents who have not seen their ballot arrive in the mail, Bartolomie said to call her office Tuesday morning, May 31 at (707) 234-6819. This is the last day her office is allowed to send out ballots, exactly one week prior to the actual election.

For any Mendocino County residents that have a tendency to leave things till the last minute, Bartolomie said there are multiple ways to turn in your ballot on Election Day.

The document below is a comprehensive list of both day-of polling places and ballot drop-off locations:


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For any Mendocino County residents unclear as to which election precinct they belong to, use the document below to find out:


As for the local candidates up for election on June 7, they are listed in the document below:


Though unable to cover all races and candidates, below you can access our coverage of candidates thus far:

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  1. After what went on during the PLANdemic in Mendocino County people are pissed. New leadership needed all across the board! No lefties.

  2. Remember the homeless get to vote at each and every homeless shelter they stop off at. The staff completes the mail in ballot later, no questions asked.

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