Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Our Community Remembers the Fallen at Today’s Memorial Day Ceremony in Ukiah

Bagpiper Charlie Martin plays a mournful hymn for the fallen [Pictures taken by Peter Armstrong]

Memorial Day marks the cusp of summer, an extended weekend with friends and family, and a call to every America to contemplate those who fought and died for the United States throughout our nation’s history.

Today, Ukiah’s Russian River Cemetary held its annual Memorial Day Observance ceremony attended by members of the local branch of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, their families, and other community members that came to reflect on the men and women that paid the ultimate price serving the United States.

In an era marked by political divisions and national strife, taking a moment to recognize those who gave their lives for the great American experiment reminds us the future lies not in the hands of presidents, but you, and me, and everyone you know.

Veterans ready a American flag for installation



  1. The Marines who died in Beirut 1982 to 1984, 435 American troops are not members of VFW because Beirut was not war. They died of paper cuts and do not have combat status. Add that to Ronald Reagan and his attempt to start a war after Jimmy Carter gave the USA its longest break from war in the history of America. We are a war economy.

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