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Mendocino County: Where You’ll Find the Most Expensive Gallon of Gas in US History at $9.45 Per Gallon

Yesterday’s price display at Schlafer’s in the town of Mendocino [Picture provided by a Mendocino Coast resident]

Schlafer’s Auto Repair in the Mendocino County coastal village of Mendocino has become legendary for its gas prices often 60% more expensive than the national average.

Yesterday, if a driver was to fill up at Schlafer’s, they could find themselves paying the highest price for a regular gallon of gasoline ever documented in the history of the United States: $9.45.

Patrick De Haan, the Head Petroleum Analyst for GasBuddy, confirmed that Schlafer’s is currently charging the most in the United States for gasoline. Being that California stands as the priciest market during a time when the United States has the highest gas prices in history, De Haan agreed that $9.45/gallon could “very possibly” be the most expensive gallon of gas in the history of the United States. 

Schlafer’s has made a mark on the national conversation around gasoline prices, having the highest gas prices in the US back in March, and even earlier in June 2021 before the nation saw the historic rise in gasoline prices.

Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s talk show Real Time, even joked about the station’s prices saying, “There’s a gas station in Mendocino County, here in California, charging $8.45 for a gallon of gasoline. For that money, they should check your oil and your prostate.”

In a past interview, Judy Schlafer, the owner and proprietor of the service station, told us her prices are influenced by the fact the shop acts as an independent business, not a franchise of Chevron. Her business does not sell food and drink, the goods that most often bring profit to gas stations across the United States.

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Currently, California’s average price for a gallon of gasoline is $6.19/gallon with multiple locations reportedly selling their gas at more than $7.25/gallon, a watershed price superseding the federal minimum wage.

The North Coast of California currently is one of the most expensive regions for drivers with Humboldt County being the highest average price on the North Coast at $6.69/gallon.

In March 2022, California State Governor Gavin Newsom proposed state residents receive a gasoline rebate to alleviate the financial burden of the current market. But, the proposal is currently at a standstill as lawmakers debate the details. 

As legislators consider relief measures, the average joe is left feeling the squeeze.

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  1. Just wondering if any dummies have been filling up in Mendocino? Maybe a couple hippies who want to keep the price gouging local.

  2. I wish someone would report on how high gas prices are in Gualala. I keep seeing that Humbolt has the highest price on the North coast at $6.19. Gualala is at $6.70 for regular unleaded right now, and I’m sure it go even higher on Monday (that seems to be their mo, it gets raised every Monday morning). I think we get the unfortunate notoriety of having the highest on the coast besides the station in the town of Mendocino.

  3. All the dumbacrat voter in cal voted for these losers and now your getting what you voted for don’t cry now

  4. Thoughtlessly going GREEN without solutions Kills Economys Dead.
    Jimmy Carter, now Biden – progressive leaders in killing American jobs
    But good news we will all be driving electric, even trucks soon as we enter power grid blackouts in California.
    That will surely keep the grocery store shelves stocked and prices low with a better standard of living for all
    and don’t forget our pristine coastline, Biden didn’t.

    (Reuters) – The Biden administration on Thursday proposed auctioning five areas off the coast of California for offshore wind development, a critical milestone in expanding the nascent U.S. industry to Pacific waters.
    It is the latest in a government effort to put wind turbines along every U.S. coastline, with a goal of generating 30 gigawatts of power by 2030. President Joe Biden has said the new industry will create jobs and combat climate change.
    Bye Bye Sea gulls, Pelicans and shore birds

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