Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Traffic Collision Leaves CHP Vehicle Mangled, Pickup Truck Damaged, and Vehicle at the Bottom of a Cliff

CHP crash
[Photos from a Mendocino County resident]

Details are limited this morning, but a dramatic traffic collision near the Ridgewood Summit south of Willits left a California Highway Patrol SUV mangled, pickup truck damaged along Highway 101, and an unidentified vehicle at the bottom of a cliff.

As per the California Highway Patrol traffic incident information page, Initial reports at 9:47 AM indicated a vehicle was 75 feet down a cliff side and another vehicle was overturned.

First responders shut down a northbound lane North of the Cal Fire Howard Forest Station as they responded to the incident.

Pickup crash

A witness told us a total of three vehicles were involved, the CHP SUV, the pickup along the side of Highway 101, and the vehicle at the bottom of the cliff which they were unable to see when they drove by the accident. They told us the accident was “very strange” with the pickup on the southbound side of the highway, the car down the cliff on the northbound side of the 101, and the CHP vehicle was on the southbound side.

We will be following up with the California Highway Patrol on Monday when their offices reopen to get the details of this accident.

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  1. This looks like the place where the fatality accident march 10 2019 happened when patrick passed away. How sad. I hope everyone is ok?

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