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Kyle Lovell—An Outdoorsman, a Pilot, A ‘Bright Smile’, An ‘Amazing Heart’

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Kyle Lovell piloting a helicopter, doing what he loved to do.

Kyle Lovell, son of Ron and Judy Lovell was born in Santa Rosa, CA. on 02-03-1989. Kyle leaves behind his two sisters Alicia and Andrea, younger brother Seth, and Grandmother Margie Handley. 

During this inspirational man’s time with us, Kyle was not only a friend, but also a well-respected person to many.

Growing up in the Hearst Valley, Kyle attended Vineyard Grade School until the 7thgrade. This coupled with an amazing family, made this fine young boy into the man he became.  

Kyle became quite the outdoorsman at a young age. At the age of 8-9, Kyle spent many nights running his hounds, hunting bears, cats and whatever came across his path. At no more than 80 pounds, Kyle took control and spent endless nights chasing varmints around the family ranch. 

Kyle told the story many times of him riding his motorcycle up the hill, and crashing into a bear. Kyle had fur all over the motorcycle and spokes to prove the story. 

Kyle lived a lifestyle of hard work, dedication to his job, and an admiration of love for his family and friends. 

Kyle’s passion for flying, hunting and the love for his family were unprecedented.  

Kyle graduated high school in 2006 from Willits High School and had the desire to fly Helicopters. On the night of his Graduation, Kyle hopped in his truck and drove off to Hillsboro, Oregon where he would start his young career.  In 2008 Kyle acquired his flight instructor license and his adventures began. Kyle spent many years logging flight hours, flying for Air Shasta, Wilbur Ellis. After years of hard work and flying all over the country Kyle earned the reputation of an amazing pilot and his career at PJ’s Helicopter began. While there Kyle found his passion flying the Blackhawk along with multiple other helicopter aircraft. Kyle had the drive and ambition to be the best pilot, while maintaining his love and friendship with everyone he came in contact with.

Kyle spent many hours flying the UH60 Utility Hawk, fighting fires around the central mid-west along with working countless hours setting power poles, pulling wire, and piloting electrical workers in high-stress situations. 

Kyle once mentioned, that no matter what happened, he would sacrifice his own life for the men and women who flew under his helicopters, this making him a man true to his word. 

After many years of hard work, Kyle made the conscious decision to modify his work schedule and move back to the family ranch where he could spend more time with family and friends. 

Kyle’s unselfishness and kindness for all now lives in the body and souls of others. Kyle’s last request was to donate his organs to others in need, which was successful. 

Kyle’s bright smile and amazing heart will always be flying above.

Kyle’s passing is preceded by his brother, Avery Lovell, who passed on May 14 2022. 

Keep your powder dry and shoot straight, my son, brother & friend.

Celebration Of Life will be held June 18th at 3pm At The Family’s Ranch At 16000 Hearts Rd.



  1. So sad. His parents, and entire family, must be devastated to lose both Kyle and Avery within weeks of each other. It’s heartbreaking.

  2. He Was and inspirational person. He was my sons first flight instructor at Air Shasta. My son was only 9 Years old. He helped him find a passion for flying. Thank You Kyle. You will be missed.

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