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Ukiah Police Chief Noble Waidelich on Paid Administrative Leave Due to ‘Criminal Investigation’

Various pictures of Ukiah Police Chief Noble Waidelich, now on administrative leave for a criminal investigation [All photographs from the Ukiah Police Department Facebook page]

As per a press release sent to area news agencies around 11:00 Tuesday evening, Ukiah Police Chief Noble Waidelich is on administrative leave due to an “ongoing criminal investigation led by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.”

The press release offers no information regarding the nature of the criminal information, and states, “Because this is both a pending personnel and criminal matter, no further information may be disclosed by the City of Ukiah at this time.”

Deputy City Manager Shannon Riley confirmed that Chief Waidelich is still receiving his salary while on administrative leave.

We have reached out to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office for further information about the ongoing investigation and will provide details when available.

This news comes days after national media coverage of a civil suit filed by Chief Waidelich’s ex-fiance alleging she was abused by him and was then discredited and pushed out of her job at Mendocino County’s Probation Department to protect her abuser.

Outside of Chief Wadelich, the Ukiah Police Department’s workplace culture and leadership have been called to question in the wake of the firing of  Sergeant Kevin Murray for alleged sexual assault, methamphetamine use, and burglary. A former officer has also sued the department for creating a hostile work environment after she complained that Murray had allegedly sexually assaulted her. 

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The following is the press release issued by the City of Ukiah regarding Waidelich’s administrative leave, and we will proving more information when obtained:

Police Chief Noble Waidelich was placed on administrative leave as of June 14, 2022, pending an ongoing criminal investigation led by Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. The City is cooperating with investigating authorities while completing the appropriate personnel investigation. 

Because this is both a pending personnel and criminal matter, no further information may be disclosed by the City of Ukiah at this time. However, the City is working to provide continuity of services and is committed to sharing additional information when we are able to. 

UPDATE 6/15/2022: We received a statement from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office regarding their investigation that is described in the article below:

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  1. What a joke! Now who’s going to be chief? This town has gone to shit! Should fire Sage and his assistant also! Disgrace to the badge. All the cover ups, lies UKIAH wake the fuck up!

  2. Why is it they still get their pay when they do stuff like this but anyone else gets fired and can’t get unemployment. He doesn’t deserve his salary while on leave and in trouble.

  3. Great now the SOB gets a paid vacation. They should take his pay and give it to the women he has hurt with his words and actions.

  4. The most dangerous man in the USA is an FBI agent with immediate family in the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dept …..this is never going to go anywhere and will continue to take down our country down they also are related to the BOZO who was in the dashcam footage of little Gabby Petito , same bald head there must be 25 that look exactly alike and they are buddy’s with a terrorist from Iraq

  5. Ukiah PD I’m not surprised, and hopefully more arrests of crooked cops come of this investigation. It should be the FBI investigating, I hate reading about coverups of dirty cops.

    • Is there anything other than corrupt police seems unlikley to me based on news and how I have been treated and been arrested for crimes I did not commit based on them asking basically trick questions like other than this what do you know about this. Whe. You ansewr I have no clue what your talking about they write in the police report John doe knew of nothing other than the this they are there to arrest you for. Our whole legal system is conpmeat bullsh*t and is set up so they can just arrest anyone at any time for any reason and is just about making money. When there are so many laws that not a single person could possibly know them all thats a problem how can you know your not breaking the law if there are so many it would take a lifetime to even read them all. Our legal system needs to change and untill it does countless innocent people will continue to be thrown in jail and have their lives destroyed while the law enforcement continues to bully and get away with the abuse of law abiding citizens. And anyone who thinks our law enforcement is their to actually protect I hope you never get to experience them busting down your door at 5am and arresting you with no evidence other than you made the mistake of ansewring their trick questions that they will turn around and make it that you just admitted guilt.

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