Wednesday, December 7, 2022

City of Ukiah Appoints Acting Chief of Police as Criminal Investigation of Noble Waidelich Continues

Acting Ukiah Police Chief Cedric Crook [Crop of a photograph from the Ukiah Police Department Facebook page]

The City of Ukiah’s Deputy City Manager Shannon Riley has confirmed that the Ukiah Police Department has a new Acting Chief, Cedric Crook. Crook has been an officer with the Ukiah Police Department since 1998, making him a 24-year veteran of the department.

Crook has taken the position in the wake of Chief Noble Weidelich’s paid administrative leave due to a criminal investigation, the nature of which remains unknown.

Cedric Crook in 1998, when he was sworn in with the Ukiah Police Department [A crop of an image from the Ukiah Police Department’s Facebook page]

On Tuesday at approximately 11:00 p.m. the news broke via a press release from the City of Ukiah that Chief Waidelich was on administrative leave due to an “ongoing criminal investigation led by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.”

Sergeant Juan Valencia of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office confirmed his agency was investigating the criminal matter, as requested by Sheriff Matt Kendall for “transparency purposes”, but said the circumstances being investigated could not be disclosed because of “the active status of this investigation and to protect the integrity of this case.”

Chief Noble Waidelich and his alleged abuse of his ex-fiancée Amanda Carly became national media attention when the Los Angeles Times told her story accusing her employer (Mendocino County’s Probation Department) of protecting her abuser. A civil suit involving Carley’s accusations is scheduled to go in front of a Mendocino County Superior Judge in September 2022. Note, the criminal investigation involving Waidelich currently being investigated by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office is not related to the civil suit. 

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  1. lol… Booking log? UKIAH finest. Nice cover up Sage city council your all corrupt.. UKIAH wake up look at the city it’s going to shit..

  2. The new chief should open a used car lot and sell safety to public. Here comes the hero…of nothing- just like the crook before.

    What do you mean?

    Oh only the ONE bad apple that raped and used meth- allegedly.

    No big deal the people of Ukiah can pay for the mess ups

    ***Stay tuned for more

  3. For “transparency purposes” the allegations shall remain secret! Sheriff Matt Kendall. This sounds like something from Animal Farm. Only in Mendocino County is a secret explained as transparency.

  4. The Ukiah taxpayers would like to know the acting chief’s background please. Any domestic abuse, any criminal activity, what kind of guy is he? Let’s here about him now so we know if he is fit for the job. Or is his integrity also a “secret”? Let’s vet him before we end up with more costly law suits.

  5. Nobel is innocent and Amanda Carley is a bipolar liar who is a was found to be Brady and can’t even hold a law enforcement job anymore because of it. What a shame for Nobel. Now Crook, he IS someone who would do what they are charging Nobel for. Nobel is innocent.

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