Monday, December 5, 2022

Election Update: Leaders in Local Races Include Ted Williams, John Haschak, Nicole Glentzer, Matt Kendall

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Mendocino County’s Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder Katrina Bartolomie has released the first election result update since the early morning of June 7 , 2022 providing county residents with the most updated voting results of the primary election.

The update indicates 9,776 ballots have been tallied thus far and Bartolomie told us that her team has “roughly 11,500” ballots left to count.

Bartolomie stated in a June 9, 2022 press release that her office has “30 days to complete the canvass and certify the election. The Statement of Vote, which breaks down results by precinct, will be available at that time.”

Of the four local elections we have followed closely, incumbents are leading in three of those races. 5th District Supervisor Ted Williams, 3rd District Supervisor John Haschak, and Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall have commanding leads over their challengers receiving at least 75% of the vote.

The one exception is the race for the County Superintendent of Schools where challenger Nicole Glentzer, as of now, beating Michelle Hutchins by approximately 10%.

The following is the most recent information offered by today’s update on the elections that we have been tracking:

5th District Supervisor

Incumbent Ted Williams has a commanding lead garnering 78.67% of the tabulated votes leaving his challenger, John Redding, with 21.33% of the votes.

A total of 1,599 votes have been counted in this race thus far. Out of 1,599, 1,258 voters have expressed their support for Williams at 315 voters have backed Redding.

3rd District Supervisor

Incumbent John Haschak received 72.81% of the votes. Clay Romero, Haschak’s challenger, currently stands at 27.19%. Out of 1,828 votes counted thus far, 1,331 have gone to Haschak while 497 have gone to Romero.

County Superintendent of Schools

What may prove the tightest race and potentially this election’s only ousting of an incumbent, challenger Nicole Glentzer is currently in the lead against Michelle Hutchins for the position of Mendocino County’s Superintendent of Schools.

Glentzer, at this point, has received 54.91% of the votes whereas Hutchens has received 45.09%. Though, it should be stated, that this 10-point margin could be overcome as more votes are counted. 8,605 total votes have been counted with 4,725 going for Glentzer and 3,718 for Hutchins. This means that Glentzer’s lead is only by 845 votes.

Mendocino County Sheriff

In the race for the Mendocino County Sheriff, incumbent Matt Kendall leads with 89.24% of the votes while write-in candidate Trent James has received 10.76% of the votes. Out of the 7,500 votes tabulated for this position, 6,663 have voted for Sheriff Kendall, while 837 have voted for James.



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