Saturday, November 26, 2022

Humans Being Bros: A Clearlake Police Officer Helps a Skunk Stuck Inside a Bait Box

The following is a video and information published on the Clearlake Police Department’s Facebook page:

Last night, Sergeant Ramirez came to the aid of a local skunk in need of some assistance. You see, the critter came across a bait box and based on the investigation, it seems this poof of black and white fur became curious as to what treasure was hidden deep inside. In pursuit of potential good eats, the skunk stuck its head a bit too far and became stuck, dragging the box around and unable to remove it’s newfound plastic regalia.

In accordance with his extensive training (ok, seriously we have no training on dealing with skunks) – Sgt. Ramirez, under the watchful eye of K9 Officer Eagle, carefully assisted the skunk and set it on its way. While the skunk did not stick around to offer its gratitude, it also did not spray its helper (or videographer). We do not know the name of this skunk, but, don’t panic – a Google search for “skunk names” reveals quite a few suggestions.

If you have any questions regarding caring for skunks, rescuing them, etc. please contact Sgt. Ramirez. Actually, please don’t. Call an expert. But, he has a big heart for animals, so let’s give him a shout out for helping out!



  1. Sorry, I’m beyond tired tonight. It’s obvious that I did NOT read the article….duh. My bad. Pardon me…🤪

  2. Dom, great work, it did not turn into a 187, cause ya’all would have been stuck in the Sally port for at least a week👮🏼

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