Monday, December 5, 2022

A Hummingbird Hovers and Sips Cool, Clear Water—A Dispatch from Mendonoma

The following is an article written by Jeanne Jackson for her blog Mendonoma Sightings where she documents the wildlife, the land, and the waters of our coast.

A shot like this highlights the miracles of small moments [Photograph by Sarah Flaim]

Sarah Flaim is a talented photographer. She has previously let me share several of her photos, including ones of the Milky Way. But she trained her camera on something much smaller recently. She photographed an Anna’s Hummingbird at the moment its tongue pierced a droplet of water. How amazing is this?

Thanks to Sarah for allowing me to share her spectacular photo with you here. You can see more of Sarah’s photography at her Instagram page  – @redwoodsinger.

The fog is hovering over the Pacific Ocean keeping temperatures mild, but most coastal locations have sun this afternoon. It’s a beautiful summer day on the Mendonoma Coast.

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