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Ukiah Police Actively Searching for Man Suspected of Shooting a Juvenile in the Head

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Ukiah law enforcement is actively seeking a suspect in a shooting that occurred this afternoon which resulted in a male juvenile with a head wound requiring hospitalization. 

Ukiah Police Department Lieutenant Andrew Phillips made note that the investigation is in the early stages and information is evolving. 

He did confirm that after UPD officers responded to a male juvenile suffering a head wound on Mulberry Street, officers ascertained a description of the suspect and began a search while EMTs attended to the wounded juvenile. Lieutenant Phillips made note that the juvenile victim is alert and concious.

Nearby Yokayo Elementary School would briefly be placed on “lockdown” status after UPD informed Ukiah Unified of the situation. 

Lieutenant Phillips said UPD has yet to take the suspect into custody, “but due to evidence located at the scene does not appear to be armed any longer.” The suspect is described as a white male with a thin build wearing a camouflage sweatshirt.

If you have any information, contact the Ukiah Police Department at (707) 463-6242.

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UPDATE 6/30/2022 3:11 p.m.: The following press release provides the most up-to-date information about the incident:

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  1. Why did the writer of the article describe the suspect as “white”? The UPDs official description is that he is Mexican.

  2. If you write it’s a Mexican we will also be offended either way as log as they find guilty person best not go into Race label

  3. Scanner traffic said black hoodie, cartoon graphics. Backpack with “sharks teeth” print. Not a word of “camo hoodie”. Just an FYI

    • Danilla Sands reported on scanner traffic

      HOLD All Non-emergency Comments
      Near Observatory/Dora
      RP: Shots fired. Man down. Man down now up. Suspect: Male Wearing camouflage and red clothing and face mask running up Ovservatory.
      Victim: GSW to head Code 3 medical.
      1:55pm 06/29/22
      ?2:12pm Checking near Fircrest. Going to send out SHELTER IN PLACE for some. Suspect tall WMa blond hair blond mustach. Took victims backpack Hawaii and green and pink back pack.
      ?2:05pm Comic book look and shark teeth around hood.
      ?2:02pm Possibly not subject. Continue to search area.
      ?2:02pm Witness stating blueish camouflage jacket.
      ???2:00pm 1 at gun point.

      • I don’t know where anyone would confuse hispanic or Mexican from clearly stated white, male. Yet you had to pull the scanner info just to clarify, oh wow!

  4. While I’m very grateful that Yokayo school was placed on lockdown for children’s safety, but what about the residents being notified to stay vigilant in the local area? I know with absolution that there are children living nearby Observatory park that were at their homes this afternoon…It would have been nice to alert the local residences too.

    • Agreed , the only reason I knew ANYTHING happen was because my fiance was going to go to the store and I got a call from him like literally one minute after he left. The only alert I got yesterday was to do with the fire by laws.

    • They don’t want to give more info, since the suspect is still out there I imagine. Or all these news stories suck, they never have enough info. You never hear the ending sometimes.

      • Welcome to the new world of repeating….oops, I mean reporting. A headline is what we get now, rarely ever a story. A story has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. A story leaves you feeling satisfied that you’ve been well informed. Rarely ever happens. Except in the Bible. It would be seriously exhausting to bring that kind of news to the table! Not many are able to put that kind of effort in. But who knows where this ship of Matt’s might be headed. ??


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