Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Homicide in Healdsburg After Fireworks Show—Police Asking Public for Any and All Information

The following is a press release issued by the Healdsburg Police Department:

Police tape last night as Healdsburg PD investigate the scene [Picture provided by Healdsburg PD]

On Monday July 4th, at approximately 11:17 PM, after the conclusion of the fireworks show, Healdsburg PD Dispatch received 911 calls reporting a shooting in the 200 block of Monte Vista Avenue. Officers responded and found an unresponsive male laying on the sidewalk. He was pronounced deceased on the scene. The investigation is ongoing. Identification of the deceased is pending notification of next of kin.

If you were in the area of Monte Vista Ave. and Lupine Rd. around the time of this incident and believe you might have any information that might aid in the investigation please contact HPD Officer Jason Olvera at (707) 431-3377.



  1. There are a lot Mexican gangs in Mendocino and Sonoma County. Pretty sad that we have a open border policy.

      • Exactly Mila! When we were growing up. we would deport these scumbags back to Mexico! But the Dems have taken over and are all about buying more and more votes. So sad it has come to this.

    • Shut up Anne. You’re so rude. You dont even know the story, who or what. So why comment racist remarks. The one that needs to go is people LIKE YOU!!!

    • Shup up Anne. You dont know the story, who or what. The one that needs to go is you with your racist remarks.

  2. At the end of the day the real issue is guns, do you think maybe we have too many of them for purchase? Whether legally or illegally?

  3. In the article…No race was named, No Color of person but its label in community members as “Mexican” involvement? Clean it up people until you get the facts right …you’re showing your colors…Sad you just to conclusions of who is involved……

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