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Windsor Man Accused of Making and Trafficking ‘Ghost Guns’ Found With Over Two Dozen Firearms

The following is a press release issued by the Santa Rosa Police Department.  The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

The firearms confiscated by law enforcement [Picture from the Santa Rosa Police Department]

During the month of June, 2022, Detectives with the Santa Rosa Police Department’s Property Crimes Investigation Team (PCI) began an investigation into an individual illegally manufacturing and selling firearms. Through the course of the investigation, PCI detectives identified Fredy Oseguera, a 32-year-old Windsor resident, as the suspect. Detectives believe Oseguera was actively 3D printing, manufacturing, and trafficking unserialized handguns and assault rifles throughout the greater Santa Rosa area. These firearms are commonly referred to as “Ghost Guns.”

On Thursday, July 7, 2022, at 4:15 p.m., SRPD officers contacted and detained Osegura outside his Windsor residents. Detectives subsequently served a search warrant at two locations associated with Oseguera. One search warrant was served in the 3400-block of Santa Rosa Avenue in unincorporated Santa Rosa, and the second search warrant was served in the 9200 block of Windsor Road in Windsor.

During the service of the search warrant, Detectives seized extensive firearms manufacturing materials/equipment, 3D printing materials, five firearms, numerous magazines, ammunition, 19 partially manufactured handguns, and 8 partially manufactured rifles. Detectives also seized an illegal device commonly referred to as a “Glock Switch” (which converts semi-automatic Glock handguns to fully automatic machine guns), as well as a handgun silencer.

Additionally, during the service of the search warrant, Detectives discovered a 10-year-old child was left alone and unsupervised inside the Windsor residence, where the juvenile had access to numerous unsecured firearms and loaded magazines. 

Based on the investigation, Oseguera was arrested and booked into Sonoma County Jail for the following felony offenses:

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30605 PC –(Felony) Possession of an Assault Weapon
33215 PC – (Felony) Possession of a Short Barreled Rifle
30600(a) PC – (Felony) Manufacture Assault Weapon
32625(a) PC – (Felony) Possession of Machine Gun
33410 PC – (Felony) Possession of a Silencer
32310(a) PC – (Felony) Manufacture High Capacity Magazines
27545 PC – (Felony) Sale / Offering for Sale Firearms without FFL
273a(a) PC – (Felony) Child Endangerment

Oseguera’s girlfriend and the mother of the juvenile, 31-year-old Windsor resident Antionette Reynoza, was contacted during the investigation and ultimately arrested for 273a(a) PC – Child Endangerment.

In recent years, numerous “ghost guns” have been seized by Santa Rosa Police Officers and have been used in numerous violent crimes within Sonoma County. The Santa Rosa Police Department is committed to reducing violent crime by investigating individuals engaged in the illicit manufacture and/or sales of privately made firearms.

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  1. The guy was running a “Guns 4 Gangsters” outlet store in Windsor. Makes one wonder how many more “stores” like this are in operation throughout the country.

  2. “Fredy Oseguera”

    Back when I was growing up, these types of thugs would have been deported back to Mexico. Crime in this state is out of control and the open border policy is a complete fail. But of course Newsom and Pelosi just want to buy votes.

    • The guy was born in Santa Rosa. He and his family attended the same church we went to when I was a kid. He can’t get deported to a country he has never been to or has any affiliation with.

      • Anne, you can stop being a racist even if you’ve been one all your life. But to stop being an ignorant ass will take some work.

  3. Sleepy Joe “Stalin” Biden has the answer. Make legal guns illegal then there will be only criminals who have guns,

    This will stop home invasion perps from getting shot by some idiot who thinks he can defend his property and family.

    • Hey BK, care to post a link to any article or source showing that Biden wants to ban all guns? Or do you just accept whatever nonsense is dribbled into that tiny brain of yours? I don’t support the banning of guns, it’s unrealistic, but people like you are such cowards. Do you erupt into terrified screaming at everything? When you feel a raindrop do you start screaming “FLOOD!!!! FLOOD OH MY GOD FLOOOOOOOOOOD!!!”? Try calming down a bit instead of letting the right-wing media control your thoughts and opinions.

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