Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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GrassRoots Institute Asks for Public Comment During Coastal Commission Meeting on Noyo Headlands

The following is a press release from the GrassRoots Institute:

Waves breaking against the Noyo Headlands [Picture provided by Judy Valadao]

The California Coastal Commission will be meeting in Fort Bragg this month, on July 13th, 14th, and 15th at Town Hall in Fort Bragg, on the corner of Laurel and Main. The GrassRoots Institute Noyo Headlands Working Group are calling on the community to make their voices heard during the public comment period following the Headlands agenda item on Friday the 15th. More information can be found in the Coastal Commission Agenda-

Those wishing to speak can sign up on the Coastal Commission Website, and are encouraged to do so sooner rather than later. Speakers can attend in person or over zoom. All are asked to be respectful of the Coastal Commission and their time. Comments must be kept under two minutes. The community is also submitting written comments.

The overall message of the Noyo Headlands Working Group is that “the Headlands needs a comprehensive plan put together by our community to meet community needs as well as protect the environment” They are adamantly opposed to the eminent domain claims put forward by Mendocino Railway, and have been working to ensure that the community is included in the future planning for the Noyo Headlands.

According to the GRI the previous owner of the property- Koch Industries, not the City of Fort Bragg, are responsible for the countless delays in developing the property. Additionally, Koch Industries refused to engage in any planning processes during the last decade. The GRI is asking that any comments on the lack of development on the Noyo Headlands should make this clear as well as applaud the City’s efforts to build the Coastal Trail and encourage the property owner to develop the land in a responsible and sustainable manner for the common good of all of Fort Bragg.

George Rheindart, member of the GRI and longtime headlands advocate stated:  “What happens on the headlands will affect all of us––not just those who call Fort Bragg home, but those who rely on tourism dollars, and those who are concerned about our communal and planetary wellbeing. The opportunities for economic and environmental benefit are numerous. The more-thorough cleanup that our community is calling for, will allow us to work with the first inhabitants of this land and the appropriate non-profit, State and local restoration professionals to create a regenerative outcome for the Noyo Headlands. This work will sequester carbon, and might help pay for itself through carbon credits.”

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  1. Tourism dollars? The Skunk Train as been at the essential core of “tourism dollars” in Fort Bragg for decades and the libs, radicals and enviro-despots are doing all they can to run the Skunk Train out of business. “Grassroots Institute”? There be snakes in that grass, and the coastal commission should be very aware.

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