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Woman Allegedly Attacked Another with Pepper Spray at Fort Bragg’s Carnival by the Sea

The lights of Fort Bragg’s Carnival by the Sea [Photo by Chris Hansen]

Last night two adult women engaged in a physical altercation amidst the laughter and lights of Fort Bragg’s annual Carnival by the Sea. Preceding the incident, Fort Bragg Police Captain Thomas O’Neil told us the two women had “been involved in a social media dispute with one of the females currently dating the other female’s ex-boyfriend.”

Captain O’Neil said multiple eyewitnesses described a 19-year-old woman approaching 20-year-old Lacee Cummings. Cummings allegedly produced a taser demanding the 19-year-old “get back”. The 19-year-old continued to come near Cummings who attempted to use the taser but dropped it on the ground. 

Cummings allegedly produced pepper spray and sprayed the 19-year-old in the face. The victim was hospitalized to “receive minor treatment for pepper spray exposure” and later “signed a citizen’s arrest to have Cummings arrested.”

Cummings and her boyfriend proceeded to flee the carnival grounds before a responding officer stopped the pair several blocks away from the event. Cummings would be taken into custody and arrested for the alleged crimes 

Captain O’Neil made note that multiple witnesses “reported the victim was accompanied by several friends and Cummings was in fear that she was going to be assaulted.” These eyewitness accounts as well as social media posts “involving Cummings and her boyfriend being threatened” are being investigated. The incident is still actively being looked into, Captain O’Neil said, “due to the multiple conflicting witness statements. Anyone who may have witnessed the event should reach out to Officer Frank at jfrank@fortbragg.com.”

Remember, any charges associated with this incident have not been proven in a court of law and the details of the incident are still being sorted out. In accordance with the legal principle of the presumption of innocence, any individual described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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  1. I say put them both in the octagon to battle it out MMA style, sell tickets and everything. Advertise on social media. Could raise some money for some good cause!

  2. Interesting LEO identifies the aggressor who made prior threats in writing and during the incident, as the victim just because she was pepper sprayed. Wow! I guess in Fort Bragg you can’t defend yourself against an aggressive person who threats and tries to assault you. Besides that, who on earth goes to the hospital for pepper spray? You wanna get in a fight, you’d better toughen up buttercup! No sympathy here.

  3. I was waiting for an uplifting report on the Carnival with pictures and happy kids.

    Looks like this is all we get.

    Still waiting for an uplifting report on the Salmon feed, fireworks, Albion Fire Department BBQ and Caspar get together with pictures of happy people. I guess peace love and understanding are not newsworthy.

    What say you Matt??


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