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Fort Bragg Councilman Sends Condolences to Japanese Sister City for the Assassination of Shinzo Abe

The following is a letter composed by Fort Bragg City Councilman Lindy Peters to the Mayor of Otsuchi, Fort Bragg’s sister city in Japan:

City Councilmember Lindy Peters and Otsuchi Mayor Kozo Hirano [Photograph from the City of Fort Bragg]

July 12, 2022
The Honorable Kozo Hirano
City of Otsuchi
Address 24-30-19
Otsuchi, Iwate, JAPAN

Dear Mayor Hirano,

Please accept the condolences of our Mayor, our City Council and the entire Fort Bragg community on the horrible incident that befell former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week in Japan. We are shocked and deeply saddened by this terrible news.

Democracies are in danger all over the world right now and we must work together to try and protect and defend the rights of our citizens hold free and fair elections without the threat of political violence. Abe was a great man who deeply understood the working relationship between Japan and the United States, just as Otsuchi and Fort Bragg have worked together now for over 25 years to build a strong bond between our two rural cities. Our children who have been part of our successful student exchange program have seen through their experience that we all have so much more in common than whatever differences we might have. This has produced a lifetime bond between us, and we want you to know that we are all thinking about you, your children and the entire country of

Otsuchi has been through a lot since 2011. Your resilience and ability to bounce back and rebuild your beautiful City has been an inspiration to all of us here in Fort Bragg. That resilience will ring true again. We know that your country will move on from this senseless deed and learn a lesson that all Democracies across the globe must equally understand. Violence is never the answer. Tolerance, acceptance, understanding and respect have been the guiding light throughout our relationship. Let’s hope the rest of the world can learn from our example.

With much love and respect,
Lindy Peter

Lindy Peters
Fort Bragg City Councilmember
City Ambassador to Otsuchi

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Councilmember Peters Sends Letter of Condolence to Otsuchi’s Mayor

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