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Mountain Lion in the Mist—A Dispatch from Mendonoma


The following is an article written by Jeanne Jackson for her blog Mendonoma Sightings where she documents the wildlife, the land, and the waters of our coast.

A mountain lion on a trial near Schooner Gulch Road [Picture from Carl Romick]

The proliferation of trail cameras gives us insight into our natural world. Carl Romick wrote, “Our trail cam picked up this photo last Thursday at 9:50 am. The path is above Galloway Creek off Schooner Gulch Road, about three quarters of a mile from the coast.”

It’s striking that this Cougar was seen mid-morning. They are supposed to be nocturnal, but we have had several recent sightings in the daylight hours.

Joni Goshorn’s trail cam captured a video of a Mountain Lion near Point Arena. It’s quite misty and you can see the time is 12:25 am on June 23.

Thanks to Carl and Joni for allowing me to share their photo/video with you here.

It’s a foggy day here today with temps in the low 60s. It’s always nice when Mother Nature helps to water our gardens with nice, moist fog!

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