Sunday, September 25, 2022
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The Grand Jury on the Mendocino County Jail: Deferred Maintenance, Broken Sidewalks, Staff Shortages


The following is a summary of the Mendocino County Grand Jury’s regarding the Mendocino County Jail:

[Picture by Matt LaFever]

The current County jail facilities have served Mendocino County since 1985 and need major renovations. The jail campus has a history of long-standing deferred maintenance. Failure to address these repairs will increase costs and continue to expose the County to potential liabilities.

The 2021-22 Mendocino County Grand Jury (GJ) focused on two serious maintenance issues within the jail campus which need immediate attention. The GJ observed uneven broken sidewalks which are unsafe for both correctional staff and inmates. There is also a vacant, dilapidated prefabricated structure which warrants removal as it presents a serious liability to the County.

Staff shortages within the Fleet and Facilities Department (FFD) have contributed to the deferred maintenance of the jail. In the past, a maintenance worker has been assigned to the jail, however, this is no longer the case due to staff shortages.

Staff shortages for Correctional Officers (COs) are an ongoing concern. Low wages and lack of available housing are contributing factors. This continues to present major problems for the recruitment and retention of COs. Developing competitive incentives will alleviate a portion of these problems.

The entire report is at:


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