Monday, January 30, 2023

Residents Gather for the Side Walk Pride Walk to ‘Build a Resilient Community’

Yesterday’s Side Walk Pride Walk in Ukiah [All photographs taken by Peter Armstrong]

On Sunday, July 24, 2022, over fifty Mendocino County residents gathered in Ukiah’s downtown district united under a rainbow banner celebrating diversity and inclusion.

Christy Carlton, the organizer of the event, told us the Side Walk Pride Walk event was the culmination of work by “a variety of community organizations, community members, and allies.”

Carlton is a mentor at Gay and Lesbian Allies of Mendocino for nine years which she describes as an “LBGTQIA2S Youth Drop-in group”. She told us that COVID-19 and the associated restrictions “took a toll” on her community.

Yesterday’s event was an opportunity to be together once again. Carlton said, “It’s important to gather and celebrate, share knowledge and resources, these things help build a resilient community.”

Many organizations contributed to the celebration including local youth groups, the Ukiah Metho Youth Groups, Ukiah Methodist Church, Project Sanctuary, The Arbor, GLAM, MCAVHN, Fire Prevention & MCART Disaster Preparedness.

Carlton shouted out the Raging Grannies, Michael Charnes, and “many friends and coworkers of mine [who] joined as Allies to help pull off a great event. THANKS TO EVERYONE.”



  1. When are we having the next straight pride parade?

    How about a white pride parade? The white people built everything in existence, shouldn’t they be proud?

    This parade seems exclusionist.

    • White people built EVERYTHING in existence?🤣🤣….must’ve burned the history books at your school. You can be the Grand Marshall of your own stupid dumb-dumb parade!

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