Friday, August 12, 2022
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A Message to the ‘Fool’ Who Torched the Abandoned Car on Tomki Road—Letter to the Editor


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The remains of the scorched car on Tomki Road [Pictures from Jeri Albright]


We are slipping into a nasty future. Often our rural roads and waterways are used for someone’s personal dump grounds. At the corner of Berry Canyon Road and Tomki Road, we have another abandoned vehicle. The next step is for someone to strip and then destroy this vehicle before it is towed away. Well, this weekend some fool decided to torch this abandoned car. What was it? The display of a manly, fool high on something, wanting to prove how much fun they can have?

When you torched this car, did you think of the hundreds of people living past this intersection that have a very limited way to escape a wildfire coming their way from town? When it went up in flames, did you cheer for your lack of concern for those that may lose their homes or their lives due to this inconsiderate act? Did you think how cool it was to wake our volunteer fire department so they could respond and ponder what was next as we are in the midst of another fire season?

You must be proud. We can only hope that someday you think of our community instead of acting like a fool.

-Jerry Albright

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