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A Message to the ‘Fool’ Who Torched the Abandoned Car on Tomki Road—Letter to the Editor


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The remains of the scorched car on Tomki Road [Pictures from Jeri Albright]


We are slipping into a nasty future. Often our rural roads and waterways are used for someone’s personal dump grounds. At the corner of Berry Canyon Road and Tomki Road, we have another abandoned vehicle. The next step is for someone to strip and then destroy this vehicle before it is towed away. Well, this weekend some fool decided to torch this abandoned car. What was it? The display of a manly, fool high on something, wanting to prove how much fun they can have?

When you torched this car, did you think of the hundreds of people living past this intersection that have a very limited way to escape a wildfire coming their way from town? When it went up in flames, did you cheer for your lack of concern for those that may lose their homes or their lives due to this inconsiderate act? Did you think how cool it was to wake our volunteer fire department so they could respond and ponder what was next as we are in the midst of another fire season?

You must be proud. We can only hope that someday you think of our community instead of acting like a fool.

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-Jerry Albright

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  1. You know that’s the first time I’ve seen it somebody told me it got trashed and I have kinda wiped my hands of it as of now but I think that’s the car that was bought by me for us to take our son home from the hospital when he was born at some point the clutch went out and I spent days in the rain under that thing trying to figure it out with Google because my girl son and I were being kicked out of the house in the middle of the storm and we had only that vehichal that was legal and safe for our son unfortunately I somehow was unable to fuigre out what I did wrong as it would slip and not go up a hill we took and drove into town but had to park it during which time I had been walking to meet up with my girl and ended up being ghosted for the next month from her while she drove around with our son and made me out to be why we were kicked out so I waited because she had the keys to the car and truck and the generator and wouldn’t msg me at all I had moved it by hand twice and then came back to it one night to find people pushing it away down the street and when I confonted them they had the key and said they bought it from my girl I had the title so I gave it to them thinking she had been paid and afterwords found out she never got a penny and the car was taken and fixed then driven out there I heard and left out of gas by that couple fighting and proceeded to be destroyed and striped and what a waist of a lot of my heart and energy and painful worry went into trying to make sure we had a safe vehichal for our son ju st a shame it was a great car. But that’s life I guess I gave up on everything at this point my son was taken from me by his mother without any notice multiple times before he could even crawl she proceeded to make me out to be the problem to get a free ride on simpathy I have not seen him since last July no pictures no anything from her while she stayed at my friend house and my place is trashed with all of the stuff she left and that I am over trying to arempt to fix it’s to much I am sorry about the car I would have never bought it if I would have known now how this has gone my son is turning a year old in like two weeks and I had a friend tell me he is talking and walking and I guess she is happy because I have gotten nothing since she left but I am just now talking to my father for the first time in my life because my mother took us and wouldn’t let him see us ever and I’m almost 40 he’s àlmost 70 so there’s hope I’ll see or talk to my son one day and I hope that she can understand she took my heart because I can never be there for those things now those words those steps all I get is a picture of a burnt out car that looks like what my heart feels like now haha… It does just like that. funny life you can try to be honest and work hard and that’s how it goes you cheat and steal and you’ll get what you can but in the end it seems to me it doesn’t matter any more honest to God it it’s just life and it hurts but at least you ain’t numb. I miss you buddy happy bday W.D.S love your father C.F.S please if you know me and about this I don’t want no more trouble I just needed to vent cause I’m just tired is all. Oh and yeah don’t burn crap and put people who have no idea why it’s even there don’t risk somebody’s safety to do whatever you were doing.plus that car I heard was out of gas so you suck. But karma’s a bunch of explict words and you sow the seed so that’s all sorry I’m done hope you all understand I’m tired of holding my tounge too.

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