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[UPDATE: Confirmed Sighting]Ukiah Woman Missing Over a Month After Telling Her Mom She Was Afraid for Her Life in San Francisco

Heather McKee is deeply concerned for her daughter’s well-being. 27-year-old Kassandra “Sandy” McKee has lived in the grips of schizoaffective disorder and homelessness for the last three years.

In early June, Sandy traveled south to San Francisco. While in the city, Sandy told her mom she was assaulted, that someone was trying to kill her, she was scared for her life, and wanted to come home. They decided Sandy would board a bus for Ukiah the next day, June 24. Sandy would never arrive in Ukiah. In fact, Sandy has not been seen or heard from since. 

Heather heard a rumor that Sandy might be in Sonoma County. Today, Heather will be in Santa Rosa distributing missing people posters hoping to spark someone’s memory of where her daughter might be.

Heather and Sandy’s father Brian have been their daughter’s sole support through her struggle with mental illness. Sandy is financially dependent on her parents refusing to accept help or disability services. Before she left for the city, Sandy had made a significant step and secured a housing voucher in hopes of moving into housing of some kind.

Before her departure to San Francisco, Sandy would often stay at Building Bridges calling her mom almost daily to visit or ask for a ride. Her mother told us that Sandy has never disappeared like this. Unbeknownst to Sandy, in the time that she has gone missing, her father has passed away. 

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Captain Greg Van Patten provided an overview of what investigatory steps have been taken since Sandy was reported missing. Deputies have entered Sandy into the Missing and Unidentified Persons Section, a state-wide database used to share information about missing persons. 

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San Francisco Police Department told deputies that Sandy was a passenger of a stolen vehicle they pulled over on Mission Street on June 21. She would be released and not arrested in connection with the stolen vehicle. 

Deputies have contacted local mental health workers and Ukiah shelter staff who had also not seen Kassandra. They agreed to contact MCSO if they locate her.

Deputies found that Sandy has not used any of her bank accounts since going missing. 

Heather said her daughter is a “wonderful, young woman” who loves music and dance. She is a Ukiah High graduate and attended SPACE Center of Performing Arts as a child for singing and dancing. She is worried about Sandy. Heather has made an effort to continually check-in with Sandy’s friends hoping for news of her daughter’s whereabouts. 

Kassandra “Sandy” McKee is 5’7” tall and 180 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown, medium-length hair. She has no tattoos or piercings.

If you have any information about Sandy’s current whereabouts, please contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 463-4086.

Missing person poster provided by Kassandra’s mother Heather

UPDATE 4:51 p.m.: This article was read by a store owner in San Francisco who provided video evidence that Kassandra “Sandy” McKee is alive and well and visited his store this morning. Read more about it here:

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      • You’re fucked up why would you use this as a chance to attack someone’s beliefs? That comment could have been left unsaid.

      • What attack? I read an observation on the Power of Prayer, more specifically the lack thereof. Your comment on the other hand is a finger pointing attack, Mr. Baker.

      • 🤓 Cynthia, Just so you know, God isn’t my personal genie and I didn’t ask that she be “safely delivered”home. You must be thinking of Amazon.

        My prayer for her ( 🍎’s, not the lack thereof) was that God would let her be alive. And for her mama that’s no doubt worried sick. And God DID answer my prayer because she was identified as alive on video shortly thereafter. Praise God. That’s all I asked, there are many variables to God answering prayer. I left the rest up to Him.

        Know if this family wants to contact me or write a comment and ask me not to pray for them because they are offended by my belief in God I will take that into consideration. But it was out of a compassionate heart for a total stranger’s situation that I offered up prayer. I am not offended by the people who say mean things because I know that love overcomes evil. I would welcome prayer if it was my child. So on that note…

        🥰 Love one another…whatever that looks like to you. Stand up (fierce& loving💕) for good and right.

  1. There’s a homeless camp right off the freeway under Golf course drive and redwood drive? I think it is. Right behind the chevron and before the Mary’s pizza shack in Rohnert PARK, a lot of people get off the bus/ train right there and a lot of people who get out of jail end up there ( not saying or assuming anything ) because bus ticket given by jail ends anywhere in sonoma county but they let you out at the edge of Santa Rosa most of the time. She could be there. Wouldn’t hurt to find out if she’s been given a street name , or goes by any other aliases because chances are if she thought someone was after her she changed the name she introduces herself as.. I will find out what I can. Best of luck.

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