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[UPDATE: Suspect Located]One Child Found Abandoned, Another Deceased on Ukiah’s Brush Street—Person of Interest Sought


The following is a press release issued by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Edward “Two Feathers” Steele [Mugshot provided by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office]

On 08-03-2022 at about 1:22 PM, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center was contacted by a concerned parent regarding their two missing children who were left in the care of Edward “Two Feathers” Steele at a hotel in the 1300 block of North State Street in Ukiah, California.

Deputies responded to the area and attempted to locate Steele and the two missing children (two-year-old male and one-year-old male).

At about 3:55 PM, medical first responders were dispatched to an unattended child near the railroad tracks in the 300 block of Brush Street in Ukiah.

A concerned citizen had located a two-year-old child near the railroad tracks who appeared to be suffering from heat related symptoms.  The concerned citizen was able to locate a passerby who contacted 9-1-1.  The two-year old child was transported to Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Hospital for treatment.

Based on the discovery of the two-year-old child, a search was conducted of the immediate area.

During the search, at about 4:20 PM, law enforcement personnel located the child’s one-year-old sibling deceased in the general area. 

The cause of death is not known at this time and is pending forensic autopsy which is scheduled for 08-05-2022.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Detectives assisted by Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office Investigators, Ukiah Police Department Detectives, and Mendocino County Major Crimes Task Force Agents began a joint investigation into the circumstances of the child’s death.

Edward “Two Feathers” Steele (see photograph) has been identified as a person of interest in this investigation.

Steele is believed to have information concerning the two children prior to their discovery on Brush Street. 

At this time, Steele’s whereabouts are unknown and it is believed that he is avoiding law enforcement contact.

Steele is a Native American male, 32-years-old, standing approximately 6 feet tall, weighing 185 pounds, with short hair.  He can be further identified by a distinctive 4-inch tattoo of two vertical feathers on the left side of his face (photograph does not depict tattoo).

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information concerning Edward Two Feathers Steele and his possible whereabouts to contact our dispatch center at 707-463-4086.

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During this investigation, investigators learned that at approximately 4:50 AM on 08-03-2022, a male subject accompanied by two young children were identified as walking near North State Street and Ford Road.  A concerned citizen reported the information to Sheriff’s Office Dispatch but neither the male subject nor children were located upon deputies’ arrival.

A check of the area was conducted that morning with negative results.  Investigators believe this was Steele and the two children.  They were last seen walking southbound on North State Street from Ford Road.

Investigators are asking business owners to review any exterior surveillance camera footage from 4:30 AM through 7:00 AM on 08-03-2022.   

Investigators are asking that any activity depicting an adult male either carrying or walking with small children be reported to the Sheriff’s Office by calling 707-463-4086.

These businesses include:

Any businesses located between the 900 block and 1500 block of North State Street in Ukiah.

Any businesses located on Mazzoni Street in Ukiah.

Any businesses located east of the Brush Street/North State Street Intersection through the 300 block of Brush Street in Ukiah.

UPDATE 12:48 p.m.: The following photographs were published by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and reportedly depict Edward “Two Feathers” Steele:

UPDATE 2:12 p.m.: Steele has been located. Follow the link below for our coverage:

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  1. How terrible. This is a tragic incident with no upside. If we can learn anything from it, maybe better childcare opportunities for all, no matter their income. One more way communities are being let down by their leaders. Many want to limit access to abortion, but do not want to provide adequate follow-up care for low-income mothers and their babies. It deserves looking into. How can we look in the mirror when little children are ending up like this?

    • You make no sense a child dies, a baby and you want more to die thru abortions, wow you really are ignorant. Edward has a bad drug addiction, now it has cost him his baby and life in prison. Being Native we are taken care with every resource available when we need it.

      • Further reporting shows that the mother had to resort to “Two Feathers” as child care because she was taken into police custody overnight. and into the next day, for reported “domestic abuse” (by her against “Two Feathers”). Police should have secured oversight of those children, who were being isolated with their mother in the motel (before her arrest) because they had Covid. Was that the reservation that insisted they be in a motel? That does not sound like “every resource available”.

  2. How come nobody is looking at the wrong doing of the mother. What was so important at 4:30am that she felt she needed to leave them with apparently anybody. Those babies would have been alive and well if she would have kept her butt home with them.

    • The mother had been arrested by MCSO on 8/2 @ 2:24am charged with Battery against person defendant had dating, engagement, marriage or domestic relationship. She Bailed out 8/3 @ 4:49am

  3. So he was seen at 430 am with 2 toddlers..but they weren’t found until 430 pm same day??? What happened to these babies during all of that time

  4. I’m sorry children our system has failed you. We need awake people not woke people! Our county is falling apart while the woke leftists live in their bubble with the shades drawn. Nothing to see here. Just keep giving to these lovely people that seem to run every corner of our town while us hard working people struggle to stay afloat.

  5. well August 2 when she was arrested the mother they should’ve called CPS About the kids instead they leave the children with a drunk man who is just got released from prison so I believe the police or sheriffs department whoever did the arresting made a very bad call they should’ve taken care of those children and not left them there there you go another case where are protect and serve people did wrong again

  6. We forget the children Mendocino County CPS gave to Jim Jones for a Koolaid treat. This is a corrupt county that crushes the poor and weak.

  7. The children were not found on Brush Street but along the railroad tracks area that are planned to become the Great Redwood Trail from Marin to Humbolt County created by Senate Majority leader Mike McGuire. Unfortunately, Mr McGuire has no plan for law enforcement to handle homeless issues and other illegal activities including this unfortunate recent death of a one year old. Nor does Mr. McGuire or our County have a plan, answers or budget for security, increased law enforcement to protect and patrol the trail, trespass, private property damage, fencing between trail and private property, bathroom facilities, trash cleanup, fire protection, and maintenance. Once again, government comes up with their great ideas with no foresight or plan for addressing all the above.
    This trail will rarely be used for the amount of tax payer’s monies being wasted and it will become a nuisance for the community and a trail for murders, rapes, homeless camping, arson and more. Our supervisors need to rethink any support of this nonsense and send their opposition to McGuire’s office immediately before another crime occurs.

    • “There is a certain people, scattered and separate from all the peoples and provinces of your kingdom, and their rules are different from every people’s and they do not observe the kings rules, and it does not pay for the king to leave them in peace. If it please the king, let it be written to wipe them out, and ten thousand talents of silver will I measure out to the court overseers to bring into the kings treasury.” Haman from The Book of Esther, history’s first fascist government. The decree was published the same Hebrew calender date that one Jesus dips the sop with one Judas. from Robert Alter version

  8. How can he have sat there and committed this crime of such heinous crime to innocent children when he was fleeing the mother who was beating him up fighting with him the sheriff’s department arrested her she left those kids on the railroad tracks to chase after two feathers because two feathers walked away from the situation she left her kids there abandoning the mother did it not two feathers and if he did do that why didn’t the Mendocino county sheriff’s first protocol is to call CPS if there’s children around even if the children aren’t with the parents they still go to the location where the children are located at cuz if a parent goes to jail CPS comes and get those kids because they have to be cared for why wasn’t CPS involved why did the sheriff see him with the children nobody seen him with those kids he didn’t have the kids he never had the kids they were abandoned down there by their mother who chased after him after fighting with him that’s why she went to jail because the cops got her and she lied she didn’t sit there and own up to my children are down there can somebody go check out my babies she never did that she just sit there and lied to the cops saying that they’re at a babysitter so she didn’t get in trouble it’s not too feathers it’s that girl the mother she’s guilty and responsible party Mendocino county sheriff should have looked into the fact well where the kids if they’re down there with the babysitter why would you go why would two feathers have them why would he go down there why would the babysitter give them the babies of the mother to two feathers he was fleeing her he wasn’t trying and they’re not his kids come on now


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