Friday, August 12, 2022
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Person of Interest in Ukiah Child Death Located at the Hopland Rancheria

This afternoon the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office announced that Edward “Two Feathers” Steele, their person of interest in the death of a one-year-old and the abandonment of a two-year-old, was arrested on the Hopland Rancheria.

Yesterday afternoon, an abandoned two-year-old child suffering from heatstroke was found on Ukiah’s Brush Street, and shortly after a one-year-old was found deceased nearby.

Law enforcement determined Steele was the last person known to have custody of the children and a search for him began ending this afternoon at the Hopland Rancheria.

Read more about the tragic discovery and subsequent investigation here.

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  1. Hate to judge a book by the cover but this guy doesn’t look like an adequate caretaker of anything! Hard to imagine someone left children with this guy. Heartbreaking that helpless, innocent kids are in the hands of such careless, reckless, thoughtless, selfish guardians. Fucking appalling!!…if you don’t want or can’t care for children…..don’t fucking have them!

  2. I’m sorry children our system has failed you. We need awake people not woke people! Our county is falling apart while the woke leftists live in their bubble with the shades drawn. Nothing to see here. Just keep giving to these lovely people that seem to run every corner of our town while us hard working people struggle to stay afloat.

  3. Why did the system fail these children in so many ways? First being left in this man’s care regardless of his prior criminal history. ( I know for a fact that Mendocino county sheriff recognized him when they left the children with him and were aware of his history). Then to not look for them when they received a call in the early morning hours from a concerned citizen. How didn’t they locate him or the children but the children were found in the area of the reported call. This man is responsible to murdering these children, but I hope the public makes awareness of how Mendocino County is just as guilty.

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