Friday, March 31, 2023

The City of Ukiah Celebrates Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Achievements

The following is a press release issued by the City of Ukiah:

Ukiah City Hall [Picture from the City of Ukiah’s Facebook page]

Six months after the adoption of the City of Ukiah’s Equity Action Plan, the Diversity and Equity Committee is already celebrating numerous accomplishments in its implementation:

  • Implemented a new mobile-friendly ADA-compliant website that includes language selection;
  • Celebrated diversity and inclusion in the community by issuing proclamations for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage, Older Americans, Pride Month, Juneteenth, National Immigrant Heritage, and Disability Independence Day;
  • Developed and implemented new forums and distribution lists to share all board, committee, commission openings, and employment applications to achieve broader reach to our diverse community;
  • Implemented a new employment recruitment portal to improve accessibility to City of Ukiah employment opportunities for all;
  • Expanded the Movies-in-the-Park program to bring movies into more neighborhoods;
  • Added inclusion questions to all board, commission, and committee applications

City Staff has also formed a multidisciplinary, mid-management team focused on developing a plan to improve recruitment, retention, and promotion practices. City Staff and the Committee have also partnered to create an employee diversity, equity, and inclusion training plan.

“Culture change isn’t easy or quick, but it’s possible. We must become aware, curious, practice, and accountable. I am proud of the dedication and hard work of the Committee and City Staff; we already see success,” said Traci Boyl, Committee Liaison.  For more information, visit or contact Traci Boyl at 707-467-5720 or



  1. pfffftt this is just to take away from the corruption of the city of ukiah.. there is way more they could do to be more inclusive

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