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Ukiah Woman Allegedly Provides Two False Names During Arrest

The following is a press release issued by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Andrea Gonzalez [Mugshot provided by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Booking Logs]

On 08-02-2022 at 8:23 P.M., Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were on routine patrol when they conducted a traffic stop in the 4400 block of Sunnycrest Drive in Ukiah, California.

The Deputies contacted the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle.  The driver provided the Deputies with her name and date of birth, but had no legal identification with her. A records check indicated the driver was clear all systems; however the Deputies suspected the driver was providing a false name. 

They requested the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center provide them with a driver’s license photograph for the name provided for comparison. The Deputies received the photograph and observed it did not match the driver. 

The Deputies confronted the driver about providing a false name. The driver admitted she provided the name of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. She then provided a different name and date of birth and claimed it was her real name.  The Deputies utilized their Mobil Data Terminal (MDT) and searched the name in the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office system and found inconsistencies with the name she provided.  Again, Sheriff’s Office Dispatch provided a driver license photo and again the photo did not match the driver.  

The Deputies developed probable cause to believe the driver provided them with another false name. 

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They arrested the driver and located a personal use amount of methamphetamine and a methamphetamine pipe in her possession.

The Deputies continued their investigation and they learned the second name the driver provided was the name of a real person. 

The Deputies were ultimately able to identify the driver as Andrea Gonzales and a records check revealed she was wanted on an out of county felony warrant and five Mendocino County misdemeanor warrants.

Gonzalez was arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Jail on 592(a) PC (Felony False Impersonation Of Another), 11377 HS (Misdemeanor Possession Controlled Substance), 11364 HS (Misdemeanor Possession Drug Paraphernalia), the out of county felony arrest warrant and Mendocino County Misdemeanor Warrants.  Gonzalez was to be held on a No Bail status.

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  1. Great job getting to the truth! Mendocino Sheriff’s department gets a win. Keep it up and clean the county of meth and fentanyl. This is the way.

    • How do you figure this article is true? If you care to know the truth please read my comment below because I happen to know this women

  2. I happen to know this women and I’m shocked to see people writing such sad comments, this is a false story intended to make the police look as though they did there job right , the true story is that because she did not have an ID the cop ran the name of the registered owner to see if it was stolen, when she explained to the cop that she’s been struggling to pay the money to get it to pass smog and register it that’s when she gave a fake name only because the same cops have impounded 4 of her cars in less than a year the last one they wanted 2500 to get out and they wouldn’t allow her dad to pay for it over the phone because she really needed to make it to her mothers funeral. That was the truth they didn’t let her dad send a copy of his ID to pay they wouldn’t talk to him on face time not a single thing to prove that he was the person paying for the car to get out instead they send her on her way devastated and then turn around and sell it to ukiah auto auction for 500 dollars . So when she decides to give them a wrong name after the scam they pulled on her last time how could u be surprised. Oh and get this while she was in jail she tells the nurse and officers she has decided to stay clean , the jail provided her with subutex for withdrawals had her sign something that says they will continue the medication for her upon her release. THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO THIS BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO STAY CLEAN. So how come upon her release booking has no information on this script she was supposed to get well she asked the SARGENT where her script was and his response was that is not his department WAIT WHAT?? And so they gave her belongings and send her back out onto the streets . Shame on you people for being proud of these corrupt police officers and extremely faulty jail. If they wanted to help her or any of you then getting the drugs out of her car was a complete waste if they couldn’t even provide her on the streets with the medication they offered to help her stay clean while she was in jail. Just like the cars they took they take people too for as a selfish come up on money not to save the city from a crazed drug addict . Inform yourself people Mendocino county police has been failing for a very long time and it’s only going to get worse until the people wake up and tell them to do there job right. This was a senseless arrest when u think about it she wasn’t selling the drugs she was doing them she just lost her mother amongst many other things she was alone she was sad but she has a license and didn’t get pulled over because she was driving dangerously and putting lives at risk she was pulled over over because some other stupid person stole her front license plate !!! And listen to this when they took the car they wouldn’t give her back to get to her moms funeral they said it was for a tail light being out and when she went to get out of the car too look if it was the officer detained her for not listening to him when he told her she couldn’t get out to look. Says she was acting strange then remembers she’s a known drug addict What kind of shit it that. Her arrest that time?”driving while being a known drug addict” and not a single drug was in the car . Apparently that is now a penal code so basically even if your clean and were once on drugs u can be arrested!! This is a scary world we live in, down right sad. I’m praying for you girl don’t let them win stay off that shit with or without them!!!!!!!!-T

    • 4 cars impounded in a year, driving without a license, giving a false statement to a cop, possession of meth and a pipe, and under the influence. Some people make their own problems and this person appears to have compounded hers. And your story sounds like it would not be much of a defense in court.

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