Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Trailer Fire on Ukiah’s Talmage Road Deemed Suspicious and Human-Caused

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Firefighters cutting into the trailer to extinguish the flames [All photographs by Peter Armstrong]

In the pre-dawn darkness of yesterday morning, Ukiah Valley Fire Authority responded to a structure fire on the 400 block of Talmage Road. Upon arrival around 4:30 a.m., they found a commercial trailer engulfed in flames. Firefighters knocked the flames back quickly before spreading to a nearby building.

UVFA Battalion Chief Eric Singleton told us that investigators have ruled out all ignition sources other than the fire being “human-caused” and “suspicious.”

This suspicious fire comes just three weeks after another fire identified as suspicious in nature destroyed two vehicles on the same block of Talmage Road. Battalion Chief Singleton told us “we are not connecting the fires at this time”, but confirmed they occurred in close proximity to one another.

More broadly, Battalion Chief Singleton said the Ukiah Valley has been experiencing an unusually high number of human-caused and malicious fires. “Our numbers are a lot higher than other areas,” he told us. This trend is concerning in our drought-stricken region and fire-ready vegetation. 

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Firefighters saturating the structure fire with water

Investigators are asking if anyone witnessed the fire or has surveillance footage/information about the circumstances surrounding it, reach out to the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority at (707) 462-7921

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    • It is a boulevard…the boulevard of broken dreams. This trend of arson is scary as hell! Its like some kind of tiktok trend for the mentally ill, homeless & completely incompetent.

  1. Really you arguing over boulevard!!!!!!! The story here is arson. People have lost homes and properties due to homeless starting these fires. When is the City Council and Board of Supervisors going to address homelessness and stop making excuses.

    • How do.you KNOW it was started by someone homeless?
      Do you have some special info that the arson investigators do not have?

      • Not counting this fire, the last 11 fires in our area started by homeless, fact. But you keep defending homeless, maybe your house or property will have a fire started by homeless and then we’ll see how feel.

      • You need to slow your roll and put down the pitchfork, Todd!!!
        You are way the fuck out of line.

        I asked a straight forward question about FACTS.
        I did not defend anyone.
        That’s your assumption alone.
        Be man enough to own it.

        Not only are you ASSUMING to know the source of the trailer fire but also the source of the 2 vehicle fires AND that by asking a question that confronts your assumptions, somehow, I am defending the homeless.?.
        That’s quite a large and unfounded leap, Todd.
        Did I say that a homeless person “did not” do it?

        And then you go wish harm upon me and mine because of a reasonable question??

        Have the fire investigators released investigation reports on all 11 of the fires to which you refer?
        No, not yet.
        Have suspects been identified and warrants issued in all 11 fires?
        No, not yet.

        The absurdity and despicable nature of your desire to see me harmed are unfounded, seriously out of line, and yours to own, alone.

        So, I’ll male a simple leap, based on your very nasty attitude and string of presumptions, that, as a community, we are ALL lucky that your hotheaded attitude and decision making powers are limited to making comments online and to your real estate business, only…such that cooler heads may prevail.

        Based on the above, your business is one that I will certainly not be patronizing.
        I hope that others can see for themselves, your wreckless, weak, pitchfork minded attitude.

        For one, I prefer basing opinions AND making decisions based on facts & data rather than presumptions…something you seem unfamiliar with.
        Two, I avoid wishing harm on others no matter how misgiuded their presumptions and emotional reactions may be…another concept with which you appear unfamiliar.

        Good day sir

        PS…kindly eat a big bag of d****

  2. To Non Fiction, your quote, “be a man own it” Do you normally hide behind a name on line? I gave you facts, the last 11 fires.were started by homeless, confirmed by law enforcement.

    There is no over reaction, your comment is a form a support. And by the way, the Real Estate business is my son’s not mine. Oh, so you assumed!!!!

    My comment about maybe you would feel differently if a homeless fire affected you is the same kind of comment that you started this thread with. So maybe I do support that may happen to you.

    I could end this with have a nice day and p.s. a vial comment but I’ll just consider I’m talking to a COWARD who thinks their devil’s advocate questioning will ever solve anything.

    P.S. Be man or woman, tell us your real name coward!!!!!!!

    • The investigation into the 2 vehicle fires is still open. Says so right in the article.
      Suspicious does not mean started by homeless.

      Asking reasonable questions is not support for anyone, regardless of you absurd, baseless, and biased belief.

      Enjoy your presumptions.
      You need a dictionary and a good bit more education as to how words in sentences develop specific meanings and context, especially official statements from authorities, which you clearly are not one.

      The Constitution is there to help protect the people from such presumptions as made by you and mobs.
      Maybe you are correct…but until all the facts are in, you are speculating, plain and simple.

      Don’t blame me for being “vile” after your disgusting expression of desire for harm upon me and mine, that was damn close to a threat.

      You have no right to judge me for giving you just a little bit of what you put out. Your acting like a hypersensitive schmuck.
      You wouldn’t have the nut sack to make such a threat in person.
      And it just shows the weakness of your bent to jump to conclusions.

      Check the definitions of equal and equitable.

      You have no idea what I’ve faced due to fires in our area…another bold PRESUMPTION of yours.

      Must really suck living such a nasty & angry life in your own head.

      Clearly, you’re most comfortable when shaking your pitchfork and squeezing that little mob mind into the public discourse.

      I have no love for arsonists….it’s despicable.
      But, so was your leap to wish horror upon me bcuz I asked a reasonable question…it’s outright fucking bullshit Todd.

      So please remove your head from thy ass and stop jumping to conclusions and assuming you know anything about me and mine OR that investigations that are still open are not….
      Or eat bag of d***s!

      • Still hiding? And as I said in my post, not counting this fire. And about my nut sack, I’m not the one hiding behind an online name!!!!
        I need a dictionary, didn’t know bcuz was in the dictionary.

        I would debate you face to face on this issue anywhere, anytime since it has become a moral issue. Oh, but we don’t know who you are, do we Coward!!!!!~

  3. That what bullies do, they try to divert attention from the facts at hand with name calling and threats so they don’t have to face their own false pretenses, bias, presumptions, and/or shortcomings.

    As evidenced by your posts, you are unwilling to face the fact that you are speculating and jumping to conclusions that the authorities are NOT making about ALL 11 fires.
    You have offered no sources or evidence.
    Though, I do know some were attributed to homeless individuals but not all.
    2+2=4 Todd. You don’t get the priviledge of your own personally desired facts.
    It’s not a moral thing…it’s fact vs delusion thing.

    You made it personal Todd.
    You just don’t like the taste of your own medicine.
    Maybe you should examine that aspect of yourself.

    You can always try but, you can’t actually bully me.
    I’m a duck to your water and you’re drying out real quick.

    You may be willing to “debate” in person but I know once you laid eyes on me, you wouldn’t have the nuts to dare threatening my family & property as you previously alluded to.

    Yes, you still need a dictionary and more education on how to use it, regardless of my use of shorthand. Weak Todd, absurdly weak.

    Fuck bullies! Bullies are the real cowards.
    And sometimes a bully needs bullied right back.

    I use a nom de guerre as a buttress against the irrational and biased folk wallowing amongst us, like you evidenced in your post when directly confronted about your bullshit.
    Get over yourself.

    • Once again, Still hiding!!!! Honestly I’m the only one who has, as you refer, nuts. I’m not hiding!!!! Anything I have said here I would say to your face, I don’t care who you are or what you look like. As far as being a bully, that is pure nonsense.

      And if a threat is simply me saying you should feel the pain of someone who lost a house and their life’s belongings because a homeless person starting a fire, well I’m guilty. By the way, it’s not just arson these individuals are guilty of. Go through the booking log and count how many arson cases in the Ukiah area, 11.

      So I will lower myself to your level, every post you have written has been filled with obscenities, i.e. bullying.
      My proof, you told me to remove my head from your ass, I think your confused, 1- my head has never seen your ass because you are a coward and won’t reveal your identity 2-if I ever figured out your identity I’m sure that spot is taken by your mother’s head.

      • My bad, I misspoke. In my last paragraph I used your instead of you’re. Just wanted to save you from telling me to get a dictionary for the 5th time.

      • “So please remove your head from thy ass and stop jumping to conclusions and assuming you know anything about me and mine OR that investigations that are still open are not….”

        Notice: “thy” (ass), as in “your”

        Suggesting that you brush up on your reading comprehension skills is indicated.
        More concerning is your apparent preoccupation with my ass.
        You need some kind of help…you’re spiraling and way too over-invested to read the words written and easily reviewable.

        “Filled” with obscenities? There’s been a few, sure…just responding to some highly irreverant and despicable sadism.
        Don’t miss all the meat that directly addresses your beliefs, that you so conveniently gloss right over before throwing another diversion.

        “How do.you KNOW it (the trailer fire) was started by someone homeless?
        Do you have some special info that the arson investigators do not have?”
        YOU DO NOT KNOW…
        Unless you were somehow “involved”.?.
        It’s really quite simple.
        Just answer the original questions and own your presumption and speculation.for what they are.
        It could’ve been someone who sleeps inside…like the Hopkins fire OR not.
        Neither of us KNOW.

        I am well acquainted with the horrors & loss of arson & wildfires.
        Any presumption to the contrary is disgusting, especially in this community.
        Your suggestion that I (or anyone) should feel that pain just because I (or they) don’t agree with you, is, at best, sadistic and stupendously out of line, and is now why I brand you as BULLY, along with a bunch of other written evidence of your behavior & disregard.

        Do you normally avoid an initial question with attacks? And build presumption upon presumption, and then remain unrelenting in deploying more diversions to avoid the original questions?

        Hope your bpm isn’t getting too elevated!
        Just breathe, before you go and hurt yourself.

        Bullies never do believe they’re bullying.
        A little self reflection might go a long way.

        Again, you made it personal, from the start, with your presumptuous and sadistic reaction. Then you doubled down…several times. Poor Todd.

        So, don’t be surprised when you get nasty responses to your myopic sadistic projections.
        Get over yourself and just stop, dude.
        Perspective is not so black or white as you appear to imagine. And known facts are not so subjective as you wish.

      • Just in case you missed it:

        “How do.you KNOW it (the trailer fire) was started by someone homeless?
        Do you have some special info that the arson investigators do not have?”

  4. To Non- Fiction, thanks for the English lesson. Obviously you know who I am. if you have an issue, apparently you do, you know where to find me. Done reading and posting to a coward. Hopefully I didn’t hurt your woke feelings. Keep supporting homeless.
    Your devil’s advocate attitude, along with obscenities should solve a lot of issues. By the way, grow a pair and at least identify thy coward self.

    • Again,
      “How do.you KNOW it (the trailer fire) was started by someone homeless?
      Do you have some special info that th6e arson investigators do not have?”

      Why can’t you answer the questions?
      Are you scared?

  5. I have often wondered why a lot of people making statements about what caused or who caused a specific action… such as being an arsonist or being responsible for other misdeeds and actions against others in the community … never seem to want to wait until the investigation is completed and then cite a specific report from the investigating agency? The Results of Investigations by most agencies are PUBLIC RECORDS and can be read by those requesting them…or they are PUBLISHED in Newspapers and on Radio and Television or on a the Facebook or other Legitimate Pages used by the Law Enforcement or Fire Department or others responsible for informing the Public of who or what happened. There have been numerous times innocent people are falsely accused and are bad mouthed by people who do not even know the people they are blasting as being Druggies…Drunks…Mentally Deficient…Nasty and Filthy…Thieves…Criminals of the worst sort! This is pretty common among the “Upstanding Citizens” everywhere. It is usually someone who has enough food and clothing and income to not give a second thought to wondering where their next meal is coming from or if they will have access to everyday things…such as Bathing Facilities or a way to travel to wherever they need to go to get medical care or clean clothing or shelter from the elements. I have lived and worked and operated businesses in this county off and on since I came here after I graduated High School in another County in California in 1958. I know many people who do the same. I also know that I and responsible people will wait until there is specific evidence and knowledge of a person BEFORE blasting their personal prejudicial assumptions about them. Yup! I have witnessed the assumptions and abuses and the Holier than Thou attitude from those who obviously have no knowledge of the ones they are speaking about! It often is because the person being slandered just happens to be outside their Social Circle and are different than them…dress or skin color or preferences in other things. It must be a very ingrained and a sad way to think and live!

    • Hear hear!!!
      Kudos to Julia for offering us all an experiential, well considered, and sound word.

      I can only hope that others take note as you offer a very real and finely considered reflection upon the reality of how so many “charged” events play out.

      This wisdom should (I hope) be well considered by ALL, young (who have little history or context to dwell upon) and old (who should have enough experience to know better than to jump to conclusions), and repub or dem.

      Todd, please read Julia’s post as many times as it takes to recognize the very reasonable basis of what’s being said.

      This goes straight at the core of our country’s system (constitution) of checks & balances so as to “help” eliminate both, the tyranny of the singular mob mind and concentration of it into any more greatly deliterious form.

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