Friday, July 19, 2024

Driver Booked for DUI After Smashing Through the Front of an Empty Laytonville Building

[All photographs of the incident sent to us by a nearby resident]

A driver has been arrested for driving under the influence this morning after missing a turn which resulted in a collision with an empty storefront.

A resident on scene told us it was foggy this morning and after missing the turn the driver seemed to jump a curb sending the vehicle through the parking lot outside the Fosters parking when they smashed into a vacant building attached to the Game Portal.

The following statement was published by CHP Garberville on their social media regarding the incident:

Just before 6 am a vehicle traveling south on US-101 in Laytonville failed to navigate the turn and took a detour across an empty parking lot and collided into a building. The building was empty and the driver was not injured. CHP arrested the driver for DUI and they are currently working on removing the vehicle.

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  1. This has got to be the third or 4th time this has happened to this building. Maybe it’s time to make a change to the road…..scary.

    • Way more than that! It used to happen every year with big Rig trucks, they did do something, They reduced The speed limit of half a mile before entering town but people don’t slow down, widened the road and the turn. They drive way too fast because they don’t give a shit that this is a town with people and businesses, to them it’s a inconvenience on their way to wherever.


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