Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Driver Booked for DUI After Smashing Through the Front of an Empty Laytonville Building

[All photographs of the incident sent to us by a nearby resident]

A driver has been arrested for driving under the influence this morning after missing a turn which resulted in a collision with an empty storefront.

A resident on scene told us it was foggy this morning and after missing the turn the driver seemed to jump a curb sending the vehicle through the parking lot outside the Fosters parking when they smashed into a vacant building attached to the Game Portal.

The following statement was published by CHP Garberville on their social media regarding the incident:

Just before 6 am a vehicle traveling south on US-101 in Laytonville failed to navigate the turn and took a detour across an empty parking lot and collided into a building. The building was empty and the driver was not injured. CHP arrested the driver for DUI and they are currently working on removing the vehicle.


  1. This has got to be the third or 4th time this has happened to this building. Maybe it’s time to make a change to the road…..scary.

    • Way more than that! It used to happen every year with big Rig trucks, they did do something, They reduced The speed limit of half a mile before entering town but people don’t slow down, widened the road and the turn. They drive way too fast because they don’t give a shit that this is a town with people and businesses, to them it’s a inconvenience on their way to wherever.

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