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Rock Out with Cat Mother Tonight in Caspar

[Art provided by David

All are welcome on Saturday August 13th at the Caspar Community Center for an all day celebration of ‘Cat Mother’, with live music, and more.

‘Cat Mother and the all night Newsboys’ arrived on the Mendocino coast in 1969 and helped jump start a musical legacy that continues to this day.

Meet some of the original members.

Live music, featuring: ‘The Mighty T-Bones’, ‘Richard Fienbop’, and a reunion of ‘Jain’ with original members Rain Equine and Claudia Paige.

These local bands will be playing a few Cat Mother songs within their sets.

Cat Mother records will be played throughout the day between the live music sets.

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Also, a panel discussion on “Growing up around musicians in the 70’s”, as well as memorabilia and old friends, or come and meet some new ones.

Food and beverages will be available.

Come dance and enjoy a day of fun at the Caspar Community Center, Sat, Aug 13th from 11 am to 6 pm.

FREE, but donations gratefully accepted.

Also, feel free to visit the extensive Cat Mother Scrapbook website: https://catmotherscrapbook.com/

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