Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Fatal Motorcycle Collision With Vehicle Closes Southbound Talmadge Exit at Ukiah

The white vehicle has substantial damage to the right front side. [Photo provided]
The white vehicle has substantial damage to the right front side. [Photo credit to Brandon Lawson]]

Just before 6:30 p.m., a motorcyclist and a white car collided on the southbound Talmage onramp at Ukiah. The rider went down. According to the scanner, CPR was performed on the rider. At a little after 6:45 the rider was pronounced deceased.

The onramp is shutdown as of 8:16 p.m. to allow officers to investigate the collision.

The white car has substantial front passenger damage.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

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  1. Knowing that exit has three lanes and with all that damage to the right fender it would appear that the driver just forced their way into the motorcycles lane and ran them over. Whatever happened, it’s incredibly sad that a life was lost. Prayers to this family.

    • This was the onramp to south bound 101, near Walmart/jack in the box. I believe it’s just one lane so i cannot guess what happened.

    • There’s only 3 lanes at the top when you get off to go toward state. It didn’t happen on that side it happened right in front of jack in the box looks like everything went down on the southbound on ramp the body was laying there the suv was there everything.

  2. Any updated info on rider identity? I was one of the first people on scene and started CPR. Still trying to figure out if car was traveling the wrong direction on the ramp.

    • I’m familiar with catching that on-ramp to go SB on 101. It’s set up horribly and is easy to end up on the “off-ramp” when you want the “on-ramp”. I suppose that’s why there is about 50 feet of level red brick paver right next to Talmage road so you can swerve into the on-ramp lane if/when you realize you’re in the off-ramp lane! Can easily understand how this could happen. Condolences to victim’s family.

    • It wasn’t when I drove by before all the meds got there it looked like the rider was on the on ramp the suv looked to be traveling the correct direction. Hey I could be wrong but that’s what i seen

      • He was south on 101 taking the off ramp. She was definitely driving the wrong way. We saw her roll to a stop. I don’t think she knew it until later. So sad.

  3. I seen it minutes after it happen it looked like the suv was on the proper side of the road the body of the Moto was covered up on the on-ramp not the off ramp.

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