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Burglary Alarm Leads to Santa Rosa Homeowner Being Arrested for Narcotics Trafficking and Unlawful Firearm Possession

The following is a press release issued by the Santa Rosa Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Guns, drugs, and cash allegedly found at a Santa Rosa home [Picture from the Santa Rosa Police Department]

On 8/16/2022 at 10:30 am, the Santa Rosa Police Department received a call from an alarm company about a residential burglary alarm located in the 1900-block of Fountainview Circle. Patrol officers arrived on the scene to investigate and immediately noted the garage door open. Officers also noticed the interior garage door to the residence was also unlocked. Residential burglaries are common during the day, and coupled with the burglary alarm being active, officers believed a suspect could be inside the residence. Officers announced their presence to see if the homeowner was home or to get a suspect to surrender. No one acknowledged the announcement.

Officers conducted a protective sweep of the residence, investigating a possible in-progress burglary. During the search for a suspect, officers observed a large quantity of suspected narcotics inside the residence and in plain view. Officers did not immediately act on their findings but continued to search the residence for a possible burglar. When the home was determined to be safe, officers exited the residence and contacted SRPD Narcotics detectives.

Officers and Detectives later determined that the resident of the home was Ray Williams, a 39-year-old.

SRPD Narcotics detectives authored a search warrant for the residence. At noon, detectives served the search warrant at the Fountainview Circle residence. The following items of evidence were located:

  • Plastic storage container containing (3) pounds of suspected cocaine
  • 1-packaged Kilo of cocaine (2.2 pounds)
  • $320,000 in cash
  • 2-handguns
  • 1- AR style rifle
  • Ammunition

Items indicative of drug sales were also located inside the residence. These items included various other types of prescription drugs, packaging material, a digital scale, and a sifter. The amount of cocaine located in the residence has an estimated street value of $100,000.

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During the initial portion of the investigation, Williams was contacted via cell phone by detectives. Williams agreed and later met with detectives at the Santa Rosa Police Department. Ray was subsequently arrested and booked at the Sonoma County Jail for:

  • Narcotics Trafficking (cocaine)
  • Possession of drugs with a loaded firearm
  • Convicted felon in possession of firearms and ammunition
  • Possession of an assault rifle.

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  1. Buiuullshiiiiit!!!…..I’d like to see unedited body cam footage, from start to finish, from every officer that entered that home. But im sure there is none conveniently enough for them. I hope the home owner had his own surveillance cameras rolling. I really doubt dude had a kilo of coke sitting out in the open like a bowl of Halloween candy waiting for a knock on the door from a costumer. Positive he was known to authorities already & wouldn’t be shocked if there wasn’t more $ found than reported….smells funny to me!

    • ? Cause you know him? How many houses have you been in like this? ? Most people like this give 0 f’s! You know? Like the ones speeding down the road when they are carrying it in their cars knowing damn well that is probable cause ?????

      • You’re right…cops are always honest, trustworthy & transparent. They never do anything shady. Take a look at our local law enforcement for instance…oh, wait?

      • I agree with confronting (not so) common 2 sense’s spurious presumption of guilt projected upon the SRPD officers…
        Speeding (unless deemed reckless) is only cause to interrupt free travel for the purpose of issuing a traffic infraction and further observation; NOT for any further detention or a search.

        To be detained requires observed evidence providing for a “purpose of investigation”.
        A search requires probable cause to warrant such OR consent given.

        All cops may not be honest but the presumption that none are is ludicrous.
        Rigorous opinion is based on facts not projections or aspersions.

        You just don’t know the whole set of facts, nor have evidence to justify your opinion as a fact…nor to defend it from being labelled delusion.

      • I never actually accused them of wrong doing or presented it as fact. I did suggest that its certainly possible though. I personally feel it’s even likely. & I have no doubt they knew who the home belonged to. It all sounds a little too convenient to me. I dont trust cops! None of them! They have a God complex & and a “us against them” mentality. Not all, but certainly the majority do. They’re human. They’re jealous, vindictive, jaded, lie, cheat & steal just like everyone else. & They’re emboldened to do so because of their authority status. I’ve seen it 1st hand & so have countless others! They wear body cams. We taxpayers pay for these cameras. We should be able to see the footage immediately. But it always takes months or years & often get “accidentally lost or erased”. If im wrong I’ll own it. I would like to see the footage though. You can keep your blind faith it it makes you feel better

  2. Hah hah hah hah ahhhh. Oh sh…..tttt. You got to be kidding me. Door wide open. In plain view. This guy was obviously set up. Open your eyes. Dirty cops. A pissed of ex. Or he did somebody real dirty. Which is most likely. I doubt it was his cat that set of the alarm and left the door wide open.


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